Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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1889: Nadia's World

{Jean} How ya doin' ? I'm Jean !

{Nadia} I'm Nadia !

{Jean} What we'll do this time out is introduce you to the world we live in.

{Jean} Let's start with this --the Eiffel Tower.

{Nadia} It's where we met, wasn't it ?
{Jean} Yep.
{Jean} It was designed by Alexander Gustav Eiffel for the 1889 Paris International Expo...
{Jean} ...and it took 17 months to build.
{Jean} It's about 312 meters tall !
{Jean} Just look at it ! Isn't it great ?!
{Jean} AWESOME !
{Jean} But it was destroyed along with a lot of Paris by Red Noah.

{Nadia} Wow... I didn't know anything\nlike that had happened...

{Jean} Don't worry ! After that, in 1895, it was repaired !
{Jean} It's called the Eiffel Tower II !
{Nadia} Hey, it's exactly the same as the first one !
{Jean} Well, yeah...They just rebuilt the original.
{Nadia} What's the big deal, then ?
{Jean} Aw, don't be like that !
{Jean} Okay, let's move on !
{Title} Etoile de la Seine I
{Nadia} What're those ?
{Jean} Planes I built with my Uncle. The Etoile de la Seine series.

{Nadia} What's the deal ? They all crashed !
{Jean} Yeah, but don't worry about it...
{Jean} Ta-dah ! Thanks for waiting !
{Jean} This is the world's first fully-functioning...

{Jean} ...heavier-than-air aircraft --the Etoile de la Seine VIII !
{Nadia} You finished ?
{Jean} Geez.
{Nadia} Okay, let's move on.
{Nadia} Who's this guy ?

{Jean} You don't know ? That's Jules Verne !
{Nadia} Jingle Bells ?
{Jean} No, JULES VERNE !
{Jean} He's the guy who wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, back in 1872.
{Jean} He also wrote "Mysterious Island", "Around the World in 80 Days"...
{Jean} ..."Journey to the Center of the Earth, "From the Earth to the Moon"...
{Jean} ...and many other science-fiction novels.
{Nadia} Wow... Pretty amazing guy.
{Jean} He wrote about a submarine named ``Nautilus'' years before 1889...
{Nadia} Could be that Captain Nemo read the book and got both his name and his ship's from there.
{Jean} See ya next time !

I always wondered what French people thought about the Eiffel Tower destruction
Oh...then...how to forget Jingle Bells? JJJ


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