Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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New Nautilus vs. Red Noah


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{Jean} Wow, that's huge! That's the Invincible Battleship New Nautilus, right?

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{Electra} That's right. She's an ultra high-speed spaceship whose length is 333.33 meters.
{Electra} And she masses 38,000 tons
{Jean} WOW! So she's twice the size of the old Nautilus!
{Electra} Yes, but Red Noah is an adamski model flying saucer that's 12.2 kilometers in diameter. {Electra} She certainly has the edge in size.

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{Jean} But peace-loving folks have to win! Right?

{Nemo} Right.


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{Jean} WOW! This is the New Nautilus's orifice-type compressor/repulsor reactor, right?

{Electra} Right. It's a "hookworm engine" that leaches the energy released
{Electra} by the singularity formed by the aberration of the gravitic fields
{Electra} of two micro black holes of equal radii that orbit around each other
{Electra} that have been frozen at normal temperatures.
{Electra} Did you follow that?
{Jean} Not a word.

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{Electra} I can't stand dumb people...

{Jean} I'b zorry!
{Electra} All right, then.
{Electra} But Red Noah is equipped with the same kind of reactor, so both have the same capabilities.
{Jean} But people with justice on their side can't lose, right?
{Nemo} Right.


{Title} Type-98 50-cal., 50 centimeter Linked Electron Heat-ray Cannon
{Title} 60-cal. Third-year type, 12.5 centimeter Linked Cold-ray Cannon (protruding model)
{Title} Type-98 Inductor Mechanism and Gun Charging Room
{Title} 88-cal. Phaser, High Angle Light Ray Cannon

{Jean} WOW! These are her weapons, right?
{Electra} That's right.
{Electra} The New Nautilus has all of these weapons at her disposal.
{Electra} But Red Noah ought to easily have 50 times that firepower.
{Jean} D'oh!
{Jean} So their weapons outnumber ours by 50-to-1?
{Jean} But if you believe in yourself, you can't lose! Right?
{Nemo} Right.


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{Jean} Awesome! So we've finally got one of those ultra electromagnetic barriers, huh?
{Electra} Yes, but it's nowhere near fully repaired, so it'll only hold for one minute.
{Jean} But since we're brave, that's all we'll need!
{Nemo} Right.


{Jean} WOW! She has this many other weapons?
{Jean} Huh? Some are blacked out...
{Electra} Right. Both ships had been damaged in old battles,
{Electra} so both have some offensive and bombarment systems that are beyond our ability to repair.
{Jean} There's even more, you mean?
{Electra} Right.
{Jean} Really?! What kind?!

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{Electra} Well, about that...

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{Jean} Yeah...?

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{Electra} I'll tell you later.

Tamarro Forever - www.thesecretofbluewater.comTamarro Forever - www.thesecretofbluewater.com

{Nadia} Harumph!

{Electra} Anyway, folks, that's the end of our extra segments.

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{Jean} Take care, everybody!

This is the final extra drama. Interesting segment, uh? Unfortunately Nemo can't say more than..."Right!"

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