Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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"This is Neo-Atlantis !''

{Text} Thundering Across the Eternal Earth
{Gargoyle} Brethren!
{Text} Supreme Commander Gargoyle
{Gargoyle} Twelve thousand years ago...
{Gargoyle} ...this entire world was ruled by the Land of the Gods...
{Gargoyle} ...and the world was at peace !

{Text} This film is one of the few existing records dealing with Neo-Atlantis.
{Text} Moreover, for various reasons, we cannot disclose where we obtained this film.

{Gargoyle} And that land of the gods was the old Atlantean Empire !

{Gargoyle} Unfortunately, that country was destroyed in a single night and day.
{Gargoyle} And their foolish servants -- the humans -- were unleashed upon this world !
{Gargoyle} Look around you -- at this world in chaos!
{Gargoyle} Those foolish servants have not changed one whit in these 12,000 years.
{Gargoyle} They would rather go on in their ignorance...
{Gargoyle} ...foolishly repeating the same mistakes.
{Gargoyle} If this continues, this planet shall surely be destroyed!
{Gargoyle} But that has come to an end.
{Gargoyle} For the Land of the Gods, ruled by us...
{Gargoyle} ...shall be reborn before these slaves as Neo-Atlantis!

Garfish Fleet
Combat Human Tanks
Aerial Fleet
Naval Review

{Gargoyle} With the super-weapons we inherited from Old Atlantis, we have fashioned the...
{Gargoyle} ...mightiest military organization this world has ever seen !

{Gargoyle} The world shall be returned once more to Emperor Neo...

{Gargoyle} ...and those who refuse this path shall taste the Light of Divine Retribution...
{Gargoyle} ...from the reborn Tower of Babel !
{Gargoyle} We are the chosen gods.
{Gargoyle} Brethren ! The dawn of the new world is nigh !

A typical speech by Gargoyle...

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