Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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The Big Secret of Blue Water

What's that?

The Big Secret of Blue Water

{Marie} That's weird... I wonder why Blue Water won't light up?

{Marie} No matter how many times I hit it or how much I heat it up, it doesn't do anything!
{Marie} Oh, I know! Maybe it's not lighting up because Nadia's not around!
{Electra} Right. You've just noticed something important.
{Marie} Hi, lady!

{Electro} No, don't call me "old lady," call me "Miss."
{Marie} To me, anybody over twenty's an old lady!
{Electra} Loud-mouthed little smartass...

{Electra} Now, now. Putting up with a child's innocent banter is an adult's duty.
{Electra} Have to stay calm... Stay calm...
{Marie} Hey, lady! Let's get back to our talk!
{Electra} You're right.

{Electra} Like you just said, Marie, Blue Water only manifests its powers
{Electra} in the presence of those of the royal house of Old Atlantis.

{Title} Blue Water
{Title} Ancient Kingdom of Atlantis
{Title} Princess Nadia

{Marie} Then that means Nadia's the princess of Atlantis!
{Electra} That's right.

{Marie} A self-centered girl like her is a princess? The world must be ending.
{Marie} I bet Blue Water wants to be able to pick its own owners, huh?
{Electra} No kidding.
{Marie} So just what is Blue Water?
{Electra} Good question. Let's take a look at this, shall we?
{Marie} There's some kind of design in there!
{Electra} That's right. You've noticed something important.
{Electra} Blue Water acts as an optical computer,
{Electra} so when looked at through the naked eye, the circuitry pattern appears three-dimensional.
{Marie} So what's Blue Water made out of, then?
{Electra} It's a mass of a pseudo-metal called Orichalcon.
{Electra} Inside, light energy is absorbed and concentrated into a solid.
{Marie} Wow! So it's a lump of energy, then?
{Electra} Right. Nice answer.
{Electra} It's also said that when Atlanteans die, their souls pass into Blue Water.

{Marie} So Blue Water's like Swiss Army knife grave!
{Electra} Simplistic, but well-put.

{Electra} At any rate, since Atlanteans came from another planet,
{Electra} we can never really know what they were thinking.
{Marie} Oh, I get it! That explains Nadia, then!
{Marie} Well, I think you've cleared up all the questions I had.
{Electra} Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
{Marie} BORING!
{Electra} Well, see you next time! Bye!

SO funny ! Electra having hysterics is great

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