Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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Nadia Enters a Pageant

Narrator: The year is 1889.
Narrator: Nadia and Co.'s life aboard the Nautilus continues.
Narrator: And today, as usual, the Nautilus continues her voyage in pursuit of Neo Atlantis.
Nadia: Number 2 is probably going to be Ikolina.
Nadia: I guess that makes Grandis number 3.
Jean: What does?
Nadia: It's just a rumor, but I hear Eiko and the gang...
Nadia: ...are putting together a Miss Nautilus contest.
Nadia: Ikolina has her own fan club, so that means she'll get a lot of votes.
Jean: So will be number 1?
Nadia: Who else?
Jean: Electra, you think?
Nadia: Nope! That old nag doesn't stand a chance.
Nadia: Youth is the key factor in these things.
Jean: Marie, then?
Nadia: Well, Marie's a little more along the lines of very young.
Jean: Eiko, then?
Nadia: Who else is there?!
Nadia: I can write you down as a definite vote, right?
Jean: (thinking to Elektra in bathing suit...)
Nadia: You will vote for me, RIGHT?
Jean: Yes'm.
Miss Nautilus Contest
Nadia   Marie  Grandis  Electra  Ikolina
  1       3       12       17      25
Jean:  This sort of thing is all subjective.
Nadia: Yeah.
Nadia: At least you voted for me, Jean.
King: Gnaa Gnaa, Gnaa Gnaa,Gnaa Gnaa !
Nadia: Huh? That one vote was from you, King?
King: Gnaa Gnaa !
Jean: I, uh...
Jean: E-Electra...
Marie: Huh? You didn't really vote for her, King?
Jean: Who did, then?
Nemo: Hm?
To be continued...

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