Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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Welcome to Neo Atlantis

{Gargoyle} Oh, hello. Welcome to Neo Atlantis.
{Gargoyle} My name is Gargoyle, and I'll be your guide today.
{Gargoyle} Now, who is today's guest...?
{Marie} Marie! And I brought King, too!

{Gargoyle} Very well. My goal today is to make sure you understand my job.
{Gargoyle} Be sure to ask your uncle Gargoyle anything at all.
{Marie} Hey, mister! What's that?!
{Gargoyle} Ah, I'm glad you asked about that.
{Gargoyle} That is an undying, all-purpose, independent mechanical soldier, born of our science!

{Gargoyle} The Human Tank!
{Marie} That stinks!
{Marie} Hey, what's that!
{Gargoyle} That is our proud high-speed flying battleship.
{Gargoyle} The Chalcarodon!
{Marie} Chalcarodon?
{Gargoyle} In Latin, 'Chalcarodon' means yadda yadda yadda
{Gargoyle} That is to say, mumbledy mumble
{Marie} What's that?!
{Marie} Look at all the ships!
{Gargoyle} Those are the Garfish, constructed with the super-science of Old Atlantis.
{Gargoyle} They use an L-powered water jet for propulsion.
{Gargoyle} They are attack submarines that are 148 meters long.
{Gargoyle} And there is a newer model, to boot.
{Marie} There's a starfish is flying this way, mister!
{Gargoyle} Oh. That is our proud aerial battleship.
{Gargoyle} It is constructed of ancient technologies we uncovered all over the world.
{Gargoyle} And it flies through the air by means of an anti-gravity propulsion system.
{Gargoyle} It is an invincible mobile fortress!
{Marie} Wow, there sure are a lot of people working here...

{Gargoyle} Yes, we work hard to create a peaceful world under the control of Emperor Neo

{Gargoyle} That is our ultimate weapon. The Tower of Babel Mk. II!
{Marie} Oh, right! The Nautilus broke the first one, right?

{Gargoyle} NO! It was a technical mishap!
{Gargoyle} Using the twelve Servant Stars that circle the globe,
{Gargoyle} this reconstructed weapon can strike any target in the world.
{Gargoyle} We shall rule these foolish humans through military and financial means,
{Gargoyle} guiding them back along their proper path.
{Gargoyle} That is the task we must accomplish as their creators.
{Gargoyle} Do you understand, Marie...?
{Marie} Oo, gimme chills!
{Gargoyle} The Tower of Babel's self-destruct switch...

...that's why they had to build the Tower of Babel Mk III !

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