Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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Nadia Super Encyclopedia

This is Nadia!
** The unknown facts about Nadia **

{Gargoyle} When a man lives his life, how many women will he be able to meet during his entire life?
{Gargoyle} The number may vary between each individual.
{Gargoyle} However, it is very rare to meet a such selfish, stubborn, obstinate, and picky woman.
{Gargoyle} Such a woman is our heroine, Miss Nadia.

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{Gargoyle} Now, just what is she like?

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{Gargoyle} Let's start with her physical characteristics.

{Gargoyle} Real Name: Nadia La Arwall
{Gargoyle} Born on May 31, 1875 at the present ruins of Taltesos Kingdom.
{Gargoyle} Gemini, and blood type A.
{Gargoyle} Height: 155cm
{Gargoyle} Weight: 43kg
{Gargoyle} Bust: 79cm
{Gargoyle} Waist: 58cm
{Gargoyle} Hip: 83cm
{Gargoyle} Foot size: 22.5cm
{Gar} Ring size: 7
{Gargoyle} Special ability: Balancing on a ball, Monocycle, and Swimming.
{Gargoyle} Her favorite foods are omelet, (but it must be plain), tofu, and pinto beans.
{Gargoyle} The least favorite foods are meat and fish.
{Gargoyle} But according to her, those are not considered to be food, so she is not picky.
{Gargoyle} She doesn't like green peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

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{Gargoyle} That is enough to be picky.

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{Caption:} Data File On Miss Nadia La Arwall
{Caption:} Date of Birth: May 31, 1875
{Caption:} Sign: Gemini
{Caption:} Blood type: A(RH+)
{Caption:} And...

{Gargoyle} Next, we've studied on her characteristics.
{Gargoyle} And it turns out...
{Gargoyle} First of all, she is selfish.
{Gargoyle} Her selfishness is very colorful. Probably, there has not been such a selfish heroine.
{Gargoyle} She is also obstinate and stubborn,
{Gargoyle} on top of that, she is gloomy.
{Gargoyle} Really, what in the world is she thinking?
{Gargoyle} We asked one of her friends, Jean Roq Raltique

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{Jean} Uhhh, I don't understand girls very well.
{caption:} Jean Roq Raltique

{Gargoyle} That's probably why he can stand Nadia.
{Gargoyle} Nadia thinks nothing of trouble she causes others.
{Gargoyle} Let's hear the opinions from her family members about that. Her father Captain Nemo says...

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{Ne:mo Sorry.
{caption:} Capt. Nemo

{Gargoyle} Such an IRRESPONSIBLE answer.
{Gargoyle} This explains the saying ``A child is a mirror image of parents.''
{Gargoyle} Next, we asked Nemo's common-law wife, a woman calls herself Electra for an inteview.
{Gargoyle} However, during the interview...

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{Electra} No comment
{caption:} First Officer Electra

{Gargoyle} was all she said.
{Gargoyle} Could Nadia, growing up surrounded by such a small amount of love, become an adult?
{Gargoyle} A-D-U-L-T
{Gargoyle} Which means a person who has patience, does not get emotionally carried away,
{Gargoyle} respect other people's opinions, and be able to live among other people.

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{Gargoyle} Will there be a day Nadia can ever become a such person?

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{Anno} There's a ...possibility.
{caption:} a certain director

{Gargoyle} ...says the director of this animation.
{Gargoyle} But, assuming the day will come, just HOW LONG do we have to wait?

Another SO funny bonus episode! As well as the Nautilus, now you can build a home-made Nadia by yourself !

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