Fushigi No Umi No Nadia
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In Search of That Lost Time...

First Officer of the New Nautilus
Age: 18 (so she says)

{Title} After the battle at the Kermadec Tonga Trench, you disappeared. What happened?
{Electra} The main block had lost all its bouyancy after that attack. We were sinking into the trench.
{Electra} Our annihilation engine was completely drained, and our remaining emergency batteries were going fast.

{Electra} To top it all off, the main block -- which had already taken a pounding -- was being subjected to 8000 meters of water pressure.
{Electra} It wasn't built to handle that kind of pressure.
{Electra} We began to take on water, and there wasn't any way to get rid of it.
{Electra} But we had one last hope.

{Electra} We had been lucky enough to be caught in an undersea current,
{Electra} and that current was headed right for an accelerator tunnel built by the Old Atlanteans.
{Electra} If we could make it that far, we'd be all right. But to get into the tunnel, we needed all the ship's power for the engines.
{Electra} To do that, we had to cut power to all systems.
{Electra} Those were hard times. Sitting in the dark, freezing... Hoping...

{Electra} We just had to put up with it.

{Title} You thought that your time was up.
{Electra} Yes... We had prepared ourselves for the worst,
{Electra} so we were really happy when we spotted the light from the tunnel.
{Electra} That was when we could tell ourselves that we were going to make it.

{Title} Well, that's certainly good news.
{Electra} We then headed for Old Taltesos and used the Nautilus's antimatter engine to reactivate the old battleship, Excerion.

{Title} So that's what happened. By the way, what happened to your hair?
{Electra} My hair? Oh, I just felt like it...

{Title} I see.One last question -- do you like that get-up?
{Electra} NO, but it's a proper spacesuit, so...

{Title} Ah. Oh, you're wearing a ring.

{Electra} Um. Yes.

{Title} Congratulations.

{Electra} Thank you.

{Title} Filmed sometime in Tokyo at the pub "Shige-chan" in Ikebukuro.

Really interesting stuff here...First of all, when was this interview taken? Before the final battle? After it? If so, that ring mentioned by the interviewer is a present by Nemo?

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