Megadrive game)

1 - The City & The Circus

Let's start !

After that wonderful intro, featuring Nadia walking as Clint Eastwood in one of his great western movies, you'll appear in Paris streets. In your inventory there are just two item, two Jean's inventions which will be useful later. Move around a bit, just to know well the place.

At 101%, after 2-3 minutes, you'll start going crazy and A LOT angry 'cos there's a guy who won't let you pass...though between him and the walls there's enough space for an elephant...

Talk with this guy: he'll ask you something

Go to that funny drunkard near him (don't tell me you can't find him !!) and talk with him. A funny melody will let you know he has just given you something. It'll be the 3rd item in your inventory (have you checked my menu translation page, haven't you???).

Jean is still a child so he can't use that item, whatever it is, so come back to that @#ç# in the middle of the street and give it to him.

Whow ! Now you can pass ! That's a victory of science! ^__^

Go ahead, then turn right and turn left at the 3rd street. You'll find Sanson&Hanson which are hunting Nadia, now with her back on the wall. Use your super boxing glove (WHAT?? You don't know what it is?? ^__^ It's the first item in your inventory) and then the second item you have in your pockets (something sticky...but I really don't want to know what the hell it is ^__^). Talk with Nadia who, as a nice girl as she is, will steal Jean's gold Rolex (copyright Jean Roq Raltique - 1898) and run away.

Jean, sad, goes away, before Grandis arrives, and he appears again at the port. Note: you can't let Jean fall down in the sea, I'm sorry ^__^ I've tried and tried and tried without results ^___^

Enter inside the boat and get uncle's message on the table. Jean's uncle is A BIT angry 'cos they're losing a lot of $$ for the simple reason he's not there to drive the airplan. Note: you've to use & examine this message from your inventory. It's quite important, though you won't understand anything ^___^

Come back to Paris city (it's a nice moment to use the teleport, what do you think?) and go to the street immediately before the one where you found Nadia for the first time. There's a blonde hair man at the end of it. Talk with him. In the teleport menu, a new choice should appear. If not, read the message, go to west (left) till a blue message will appear in order to inform you it's impossible to go ahead at the moment. Then come back to the blonde hair man, talk with him and return to that point or, better, use the teleport.

We're still in Paris. Talk with EVERYONE ! Ok, you won't understand anything but it's important, especially if you consider I don't know what the hell to do now. But I'll tell you later about this little problem ^____^

From the fountain place, going to East, you'll find the airport, to West the Eiffel Tower, to North the circus and to South the city you now know so well ^__^

Go to the airport...

Talk with Jean's uncle and then move around visiting every place you'll find (the Eiffel Tower and so on). Then go to the circus. Talk with those two bastard who won't let you enter but, at least, will confirm Nadia has came back safely from that little adventure in Paris streets..

Here's the little problem.

To go on, you need a POSTER of Nadia's show which should appear on the wall on the right of those two men, out of the circus. But...I REALLY IGNORE WHAT LET IT APPEAR ! That's why you've to talk again with EVERYONE (probably someone will mentione the show) you meet, visit EVERY PLACE you a few words, HOPE that I'll appear ^___^

When it'll finally appear, get it (have you noticed that funny melody again? ^_^) and come back to the city (Paris). Search & find again that drunkard who helped you before. He should be (I guess) near the place where you meet Hanson & Sanson. It's not difficult to find anyway...Talk with him...and you'll get another item! Then somebody says it's not useful to be drunk LOL !!! ^__^ Move Jean, now that he learnt a lesson which will be really important for his future LOL LOL LOL, again to the circus. Give the pass (?) you got from the drunk man to the guys and you'll be able to enter ! Move around and talk with everyone as ever...Have you noticed that cool round motorbike? Yes? Ok...but you can't use it ^__^

Come back to Jean's uncle and give him that famous poster of Nadia's show. He'll tell you you've the permiss to attend the show only if you find him something for the plane. Return to the port and search the boxes near the boat (push your action button to open them). Once you'll listen to the happy melody, come back to the airport and give him that item.

There's a great moment now! Go to the Eiffel Tower...There's Nadia! Uuuuuu !

Talk with her, but your dialogue will end soon...Why?

Because Grandis arrives?

Absolutely not!

Nadia is more intelligent than she seems (what a psychological development between the series and the game! ^__^) so she simple leaves out with King, once Jean started talking about nuclear machines, robots from Mars and his digestive problems.

Get that red item Nadia left and come back to the circus.

Ulp ! Grandis!.

Follow them and use again your super boxing glove (copyright Jean Roq Raltique - 1889), then talk with Nadia who will follow you.



Unfortunately Jean isn't Michael Schumacher...that's why their race ends soon with a big crash!

Come back to the Eiffel Tower: a lot of people is watching the sky. Ask to them why and you'll know King Kong has kidnapped a girl, bringing her at the top of the tower. Only a few moments later you'll discover there's no Kong, only King with her LOL LOL LOL LOL !

Go to the airport and, though Jean's uncle will try to kill you, steal the plane...and enjoy the show..featuring naturally the USUAL explosion of the engine...

Go to...

The cave - 1

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