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2 - The Cave & the Village

After the crash landing, unfortunately you won't be saved by the Nautilus or an American battleship. Nemo, infact, was as drunk as the guy who helped you so much in Paris, so... ^___^ Go near the plane and get something from it using your action button (you'll hear the melody). It should be something as a torch or so...maybe King's cigarette lighter...I don't know ^___^

Talk with Nadia: she will refuse your courtship but she follows you anyway. The night comes down...Jean's hormones not ^___^ Light a fire with the one & only item in your inventory.

Morning. After a night of wondering, Jean understands that tree trunk should be useful for something...Get it and use it (it should be the 3rd item in your inventory) with the entrance of the cave.

Ulp! A blank screen!

Never mind...Using the 2nd object in your list, everything will be ok.

Now, you can use the map below. Sorry, there are Italian writings but my web space is limited and I've just reached the 90% of space avariable ^___^ I can't put any other image online LOL LOL LOL. Ok...Later I'll try to adjust it...

Anyway..."Entrata" means "Entrance", "Vicolo Cieco" means "Dead street", "Uscita" means "exit"

Here's what to do: Go to (1) and get again a tree trunk. Use this one with the big stone at (2). Search for a bag (3) and get the items inside. Use the 4th item in the inventory on bats (4). Get the girder at (5) and use it at (6). Once they're out, Jean still thinks they're in France...How long did they fly? 10 seconds?

Anyway there's the savannah in front of them! Urgh! Going on, you'll find a stone. Gratan will arrive and try to get you.

There's just a thing to do! The most logical action you would surely do if you were in their shoes...

Kiss Nadia!

But we know what kind of guy is Jean...So, just knock on the stone...

Who do you think will appear? A secret passage made by primitive men? Claudia Schiffer? Nemo?

No, no, only...only...I don't know how to call him. Surely he/she 's NOT a top model !


ULP...I've a suspect...Is he the same fat man Nadia, Jean & the others met in Africa???

Anyway, follow him through a series of passages (there's no map 'cos, when you try to walk in a "forbidden" area, a green message will appear) and you'll find yourself...

[At this point, suspects become HORRIBLE reality...] AFRICA!

I know, it's a...a...a...I don't know how to define it ! At that point, Nadia start jumping and smiling "Oh Jean ! Africa ! So fast ! I thought I had to wait for 30 episodes before reaching my home country!" you think surprises are over? Maybe you didn't notice something...Let's see...Nadia & Jean HAVEN'T been saved by Nautilus, right? Then, they NEVER went to Gargoyle's island, didn't they?

"It's a good thing for them!" you could say...

"No!" I would answer...For the simple reason they didn't find Marie in that island...

Marie ! What happened to you?

Poor Marie...

...bored by her parents and dog, she simple decided to...


As you know, I can't speak Japanese, but I would pay to know how the hell she explains why she's there !!!!

At that point, the fat man says to Jean he need an item which can be found inside the cave.

Of course, if Jean doensn't accept to go and search that for him, Nadia & King will be cooked.

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