Megadrive game)

3 - The Cave (part 2)

This is ABSOLUTELY the most boring part of the game. Obviously, with a walkthru, it's simpler...

Ok, you won't understand anything at the beginning. J Look at the map: the room called "Buttons room" has 3 buttons and each of them will open a door. Of course, the red button will open the red door etc etc. Oh, please note you CAN'T open all those 3 doors at the same time! Once you click on a button, for example the red one, you can't access to the blue and yellow doors till you click on their buttons. Oh, another important note: when you read, later in this walkthru, "go to the yellow room", of couse you have to click on the yellow button and ONLY THEN go to the door.

If you want, you can move around for a while, just to memorize a bit the maze. If what you'll read below DOESN'T WORK, you MUST do that...Maybe Jean has to understand he can't access to the doors without doing something or so...

Come back to the buttons room. Below there's a map of what you'll find walking through each door...(the 4th one, green, will be found later in the game)

Go to the red room (the room after you enter the red door of course!). Go to the green door and click on its button. You should hear the same sound you heard when you click on a button. Go to the location, still in this red room, where I wrote "Poster?"...I ignore what it is...anyway, click on it and choose the first "answer". Now, come back and go to the blue room.

If you hate Jean ('cos he married Nadia, 'cos he's not your favourite character etc etc JJ) you can kill him simply going ahead through the way where I wrote "Trap!!". Indiana Jeans (LOL LOL LOL JJJ) will have a close meeting with a HUGE rolling stone (Mick Jagger?). Cool !


I've recently corrected this part of the walkthru 'cos it was wrong !! You'll find the corrections in green

Anyway, the red door on the left (even in the blue room) should be opened now. Use the secret passage and reach the strange machine in the middle of the room. Examine it and then click on the "poster". But this time DO NOT choose the first option, choose the SECOND one and you should hear a "ding".

Go to the yellow door. This time, walking on the square you'll move the stone from the passage. Go ahead and you'll find a chasm.

Never mind!

Go to the red room and then to the green door. If everything is ok, you should be able to open it.

Get the item inside the box and come back to village...

...where Nadia, meanwhile, is having fun ! JJJJ

Talk with the boss and give him the item you've just found. Walk around for a while...We all know Jean is not George Clooney, so any girl will let him enter in her tent. JJJ

That's why you have to re-talk with the boss but...OPS! The Gratan ! Again!

Escape through the cave (sob...again...). Of course, you've to use your usual source of light...

Go to the room on the RIGHT (see map) of the yellow room. Open the door you'll find inside and...OPS! THREE rooms!

Open the 2░ one (if my mind serves me right) and jump on the stone on the right. In this way you open the third door in the previous room. Go there and...OPS! Mmm...I didn't think a cave could be so hi-tec ! Go on till you'll find an apparently closed door. Use Nadia's Blue Water (access to her inventory, it should be the only item she brings) and...

COOL! The Nautilus "secret" port ! It's so strange Gargoyle never found it if I did JJJJ

Go to:
The Nautilus!

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