Megadrive game)

4 - The Nautilus

Once you'll be on board...enjoy the scene...

...BAMM! Goodbye Hamahama & Co.! Finally all Nadia's fans'dream come true!!JJ

You're now at the entrance. Try to open the door and "Wonder Woman" Electra will appear...

After her speech, Marie will be KO due to a strange illness. Electra will go out for a while, so you'll have all the time to leave the piece of cloth off the computer and use it to listen to her conversation with Nemo. Once you'll re-cover the computer Electra will enter the room again. Talk with her and...ULP! You'll start moving the blondiest girl of the submarine! Below, you'll find a nice map of the Nautilus. For "0" I mean the floor featuring Electra's room. Naturally, for "+1" I mean the upper floor, for "-1" I mean the lower floor.

Move around for a while, visiting the ENTIRE Nautilus, room by room, examining EVERYTHING, talking with EVERYBODY. Check it the "entrance" room too: you'll find the Gratan. J

If everything will be alright, you'll be able to enter the main deck where Nemo is waiting (?) for you (Floor +6)

EXACTLY as in the series (...), Nadia & Jean will be free to do everything [alone] inside the Nautilus. Supposing Jean is not a playboy, he doesn't take the great opportunity LOL LOL LOL ! So, the only thing they can do is visiting the sick bay (+5) where they'll find the doctor, Ikolina & Marie, still sick. Move near the bed and Jean will say something. Go to the third room in +5 (same level of the sick bay). If everything will be ok, Electra will exit, telling you something...where you can find the medicine maybe. Go to +1 (remember to check the map...It's the best thing to do to make everything easier). Enter the 4th room, check the boxes and, when you hear the funny melody, it means you've found the medicine. Go back to the sick bay and use this item...



Talk with Nemo (+6) and then go to +3 (crew rooms)...

HELP !!!!!

RED ALERT (part 2) !!!

A collision! The Nautilus is boarded by Gargoyle's soldiers!!! Incredible!!!

...Where do you think Jean & Nadia are?


Between Gargoyle's soldiers...

...and Nemo's ones !!!

And Nadia is kidnapped!

Go to the entrance, where, at the beginning, you found the Gratan...What?!? Mmm...something is missing here...Go to +6 and talk with Nemo. Then, supposing Jean doesn't like the red alert so much, go to the engine room #1 and talk with the engineer. He'll ask you something, which you'll find in the 3rd store (at least I found it there...I don't know if the place changes game by game) inside a box (again, when you hear the melody...). Give it to the engineer.

Replay! Same request, another store, another box, another item to find. Check it by yourself...I can't recall anything ^___^

Give it to the engineer...he'll become A BIT angry and, for a mysterious reason, Jean won't be able to open boxes in stores anymore! LOL LOL LOL

Go to the room near the sick bay (3rd room in +5). If everything is ok, you'll find engineer (I guess), A BIT angry...

N.B. I admit I was REALLY lucky at this point...

Check the computers in the room (especially the 3rd one, if my mind serves me right). At this point, the engineer will notice something wrong there and will forgive you, asking again for a "mission impossible": go and search for another item! Visit again the stores and find the right item. Once you'll have it in your inventory, go to the machine room #1 and give it to the engineer.

End of red alert. Go to +6 and talk with Nemo. If he answers ".....", it means he hasn't anything to tell you. Then, come and visit Electra in her room.

Electra will walk REALLY near Jean...Ah, if only I could understand Japanese... ^___^

Anyway...There will be a scene which shows Gargoyle's fortress...

Go out the Nautilus going to -3

Now enjoy those WONDERFUL scenes! Nautilus Vs Garfish[es]! AND...

...Nemo's soldies (+Jean) who will board Gargoyle's base!!! GREAT !!!

"Are you ready guys??" - Doesn't it seems the beginning of "Alien" ???


One by one, a walk to victory ! Yes...

...if a GIANT robot made in NeoAtlan wouldn't stop them (and you), before starting:
a) firing...
b) killing EVERYBODY...

...but Jean, the LUCKIEST guy on Earth! He'll marry Nadia, he didn't have to study for 15 years in his childhood, he's the only survivor of 1000 soldiers! JJJ

One of them, while he's dying, gives to Jean a map of the fortress + 4 time bombs!

You're alone, inside Gargoyle's base. What to do? Simple! Find Nadia and destroy EVERYTHING!

Go to:
Gargoyle's base

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