Megadrive game)

5 - Gargoyle's base

Jean has just been the witness of an "Apocalypse Now" scene thanks to Gargoyle's giant robot. He's so sad, so desperate, near the suicide...

...BUT, once the last marine gives him a sketch of the base (1° item in your inventory) and, whow, a set of 4 high-performance bombs with a timing ignition device (!!!!! - 2° item), screaming as Rambo, he starts his mission. Two targets: find Nadia and destroy EVERYTHING !

First of all...I'm not crazy enough to draw the entire map of Gargoyle's base, for the simple reason it features about 25 floors!!! Supposing most of them are USELESS....

So...Try to follow me J

Problem number 1: the elevator

The first elevator you'll find can bring you to SIX different locations: (in order)

- Com floor
- Main section (crew rooms etc etc). Note: this is the most important part of the base
- Coloured sections 1-2-3-4 (have you noticed these 4 numbers in Japanese text?)

Let's start! Go to the main section (second choice once once in the elevator). You're now at 26th floor...nothing relevant at the moment, so don't worry. Re-enter inside the elevator and go to the 30th floor and check the door on the right. You should find Nadia but you can save her at the moment. Come back to 26th and check each room till you'll find an Atlantean uniform (there are TWO rooms with TWO uniform...but you'll need the 2nd one only later in the game, so you can get both of them at the moment). Now that you're ready for a fancy dress, you'll be able to visit the other floors (27-28-29), though there are REAL guards waiting for you...Go to the 29th...Check each room: in 3 of them you'll find red guards who order you to exit immediately; in 4 of them, instead, you'll find a sort of mini Tower of Babels (which are air conditioning systems J). One of the 8 rooms in this floor is empty BUT you can get the cruet from the table. This cruet if full of a super secret liquid which will transform Jean in Super[sa]Jean ! Let him drink it (it's the 3rd item in your inventory) and he'll immediately say he feels like getting stronger...Come back to 26th (the one where you've found the uniform). There are two rusty lockers in two room. Now you can open them and get a gas mask, a cylinder full of sleeping gas! COOL !!

Now, I'm sorry, I can't help you. I mean...It's easy to understand what to do (you know...rooms with air conditionating system...sleeping gas...) but it's SO DIFFICULT to make everything right.


Come back to 29th and enter inside one of the rooms with the air conditionating system


Ok...go near the "tower of Babel" and release the gas (3rd item in the inventory). IN THEORY, the gas should be spread all over the other rooms (it should be an immediate thing, without an animated scene or so, so don't worry if nothing will happen), especially the ones with guards...but it happened to me at the 246th attempt! The tip (I guess) is to release the gas and THEN (or before...boh?) check, analyse, control, use, disassemble etc etc the gas mask (it's the 3rd object now) TILL it will disappear from the inventory.

IF or, better, WHEN this will happen, go & visit the red guards...Aren't they a little drunk and/or drowsy? JJ Get the chance to search inside their pockets: inside two (out of three) guards' uniforms you'll find two keys. One can open Nadia's prison, the other one a door at 31st floor.

Go to Nadia's prison, open the door and enjoy the scene. Thanks to my PERFECT knownledge of Japanese language, I can tell you she says "Whow ! A bonsai Atlantean! Are you carrying that purple close-fitting suit which I should wear?"...Ok, I'm not sure about it J

Go to 31st and open the door using your key. Enter and...touch everything :-P

Come back to 26th and check the other uniform. Get it and bring it to Nadia, who will be SO happy to wear it... !

Use the elevator and choose the last choice (the only one without numbers) and, then, the first one. You'll find yourself at the starting point. RE-USE the elevator and go to the Com Floor (first choice). Open the door in the middle, enter and get the book. Read (...) it and, now that you can get a degree in Atlantean ingegnery, try to use the control panel in this room. If everything is alright, something will happen (noises etc etc)

Ok...Let's see...Oh, it's not possible to visit the coloured sections at the moment. I don't think it's necessary but try to go there anyway. As I wrote before, maybe Jean MUST discover he can't access to a few places in order to think about HOW TO go there anyway. Come back to Com Floor and open the first or the third door (NOT the second). Go to the first "pit" (how to call it?) of the main machine, use the book and, then, try to use the machine. If everthing is ok, you'll hear a kind of noise which is an announcement to the crew.

Now those coloured sections (1-2-3-4) are accessible. IN EACH SECTIONS, you have to visit the 30th floor (there's just a door in it, you can't be wrong), enter inside the room and use the second item in your inventory (the one with "4" between Japanese text): the bombs !

Once you've put ONE of them in EACH coloured section (remember: 30th floor), exit from the base.

How to ?!

If you walked around as I consouled at the beginning, you should know that!

Do you remember, at the beginning, that long corridor with the wreckage of the robot? J

Yes, you can escape from there. Exit and...


What's the problem? The Gratan will arrive, saving Jean & Nadia !

And now...


There's the same scene which appeared at the beginning of the game!!!

At this point, I was so desperate that I started hitting the keyboard with a book. Here's what I thought (in order)

1) ARRRRGGGHHH ! There's a bug in the game! I've to restart everything!!!
2) ARRRRRGGGHHH ! The game is over!!! What a @à#ç# !!!
3) AAAAAAAAAZZ...Did Gainax save money in this videogame too??

Don't worry ! We're just come back to Nautilus! About 30 soldiers less, ok, but, ehi, there's Nadia again ! Isn't it enough? JJJJ

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