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8 - Atlantis !!!

Supposing there's no need of visiting Atlantis around and round, there won't be any map, sorry J

Well, now you're inside the temple, Indiana JEANs will lead the group...But don't ask me why !! JJ Go ahead...If Jean isn't drunk and you've followed the right path, you'll find a cool eye on the floor. Jump on it and a door will be opened: that's the one in the previuos room (the one, just imagine, which was closed till now JJJ). Enter and, after a while, you'll find a door with two "eyes", at left and at right. click on the first one (left) to open the door. Follow the path and you'll return to the main room BUT on the other side of that lava river.

Follow the 2-3 identical corridors...Walking through the 3rd one, if my mind serves me right, you'll find an Egyptian writing on the wall...Read it and go on. Go upstairs and you'll be on a kind of room with a grave in the middle ! ULP !

There's a writing...Try to read it. As far as I've understood, you have to jump on those round panels following a particular sequence. Guess what you have to do in order to know this sequence? Yep, you're right...You have to solve that kind of quiz written on the wall! And this is in JAPANESE !

Is it a problem for someone who totally unknows this language, like me? J

Absolutely not J

The image above is nothing special, but it's extremely useful to solve the quiz. I've assigned a number to each of those six round stones near the tomb. You've to jump on them following these sequences...

1-3-5-1 - first time

4-6-2-4 - second time

If the sequence is right, you'll hear a "ding" each time you jump on a stone. If you hear 4 "ding[s]" in a time, I'm sorry, you did something wrong and you have to re-start again.

ULP! What's happening ??? The tomb is opening !!

ULP! Nadia's mother !

Jean: "Oh, Mrs La Alvall, nice to meet you...mmm...alive?!"

Nadia's mother isn't as happy as Jean, so she decides to fly away.

What to do now if not jumping inside the tomb? JJ Isn't it obvious? JJ

The group will be teleported in another room. Going South there's a "lava cross", going West there are 2 doors and, going on through the corridor, there's a wall which will disappear later. Open the first door you meet and enter.

Examine everything but those two buttons on the wall. Then push the one on the left: you should hear a "ding" (if my mind serves me right)

Go to the next room and activate the machine: the lava cross will disappear while stairs appear.

Go downstairs...ULP! The torture room !

Hey, what's the problem? It's just a videogame LOL LOL LOL Take off mummy's pants (I really hope she's not Nadia's mother X____X) and the wall I mentioned before is now disappeared. So go upstairs, follow the corridor and enter the door.

After an empty room, there will be a huge room with 3 doors: two of them can't be seen from your actual position (they're at North and at East), one is visible. Try to open this door and enter...

WHAAAAAAT??? PARIS ?!?!?!?!?

I'm sorry...You COULDN'T enter here so you have to re-start the game !




A little joke eh eh eh eh !!

Once came back to reality (was it a dream?), go to the other 2 rooms, getting the shield and the sword. Obviously you have to give the sword to the statue which had two shields and vice versa.

Now, MAYBE you won't find Paris behind that door JJJJ

You'll find two long corridors: Go East and get something from the case. Then use the Blue Water (whow! Cool ! JJ) on the eye on the wall

Go to the other room and then jump on the teleport !

OPS ! And now?

Nadia, tired of Indiana JEANs, push him inside the lava lake...

ULP! Jean can walk on lava!!!

It can be a personal feeling, but this really reminds me "Indiana Jones (not Jeans JJ) and Last Crusade"...mmm...

Open the huge door....enter and...

OPS! G...Gargoyle?!

He captures everyone buy, hey, this is a videogames and good guys must win JJJ

That's why those 4 bombs we used inside Gargoyle's base explode NOW! Nemo & Elektra escape while Nadia & Jean are brought inside Gargoyle's flying fortress!

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