Ok, here's the million dollars quiz: what does this section feature?? J

You all know the omake section, right? Good, an audio drama is something similar...Actually, the only difference is that it doesn't feature animation at all J Only voices (by the original cast of The Secret of Blue Water) + sound effects and that's why you can find them in some soundtrack volumes, such as Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 & 2. They are 3-8 minutes long very interesting "episodes" because, as the omake, they explain lots of things about obscure topics such as what happened the day before the destruction of Thartesos, how Captain Nemo and his crew found the Excelion etc etc. BUT there are also "sexy" stories (you know, Elektra's hot birthday, Jean's first...ehm...read below to know etc etc) and futuristic episodes, like A.D.1991 - Tokyo, featuring the grandchild of Nadia's grandchild and her first love problems.

Please note that the images I used in these pages have no relations with the original drama[s].

Bye Bye Blue Water - Vol.1

Track n2
Episode #0.5: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

It's 1888, a year before the beginning of Blue Water saga, Elektra wakes up, dress herself...ehm...more or less, but seems there's nobody in the submarine! Where's Captain Nemo? Where's Echo? Why all the rooms are empty?

Warning: sexy content.

Track n5

An interesting addiction to Episode 22, "Electra's betrayal". It's the story of the day before the destruction of Thartesos, due to the explosion of the Tower of Babel, told by Gargoyle himself. Also, it's the day of the making of the famous hologram....


Track n7
Episode #26.5: "PLEASE EXPECT !"

Ehm...you know, when Nature calls...Nadia, Jean & Co are still on Lincoln Island. It's night time, one of those between the night of Nadia & Jean's first kiss and the meeting with Grandis Gang. Everybody is sleeping but Jean, who's starting feeling something for Nadia that goes beyond adolescent love...

Warning: sexy content.

Track n9
Episode #35.5: A RESTORATIVE DAY

The main block of the Nautilus is near the end of its drifting after the battle at the Kermadec Tonga Trench. The crew reaches the ruins of Thartesos, finding a new ship...the last hope to stop Gargoyle's ambition...

Track n11

It's an usual, boring afternoon there in a girls' boarding school where Marie lives...at least till she receives a call. Whow, it's Grandis! What will she told her?

Track n13

Le Havre, it's the beginning of the 20th century. This time it's Nadia who receives a call from Grandis, telling her something more about her new life as housekeeper, wife and...mom J And what about King's puppy, King Saulus III? J

Track n14
A.D. 1991, Tokyo

A short story about Nadia Ito, the grandchild of Nadia's grandchild, and her first love problems...It's 1991 and, while talking with one of her friends (called Ritsuko...funny, uh?), she mentiones something about the destruction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the role Nadia and Nemo had in this story...well, more or less, since she doens't seem so interested about this topic J

Bye Bye Blue Water - Vol.2

Track n2

It's 1888, a year before the Blue Water saga...The Nautilus is engaging a very tough fight against some NeoAtlantean Garfish and it's getting worse as minutes pass by...

Track n4
A.D. 1901

Ehm...Guess what? Marie is pregnant J What would be Grandis' reaction to this unexpected news? This drama sets up between the episode A.D. 1900 (track 11 in "Bye Bye Blue Water Vol.1) and the epilogue of the series, shown at the end of episode 39.


Track n6
A.D. 1901

It's 1901 and it's a beautiful morning down in LeHavre. Jean began to work at university and Nadia is doing the housework. The silence of the moment is broken only by the noise of a plane passing right above her house...

Original Illustration by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Here are some new episodes of Nadia Ito's life: her love problems, her friendship with Ritsuko and, as years go by, the consciousness that adult life is so different from the adolescence...To read the first part of this saga, please check track n14 of "Bye Bye Blue Water Vol.1", A.D. 1991, Tokyo * Warning: sexy content *

Track n8
A.D. 1991, Kichijoji

Track n9
A.D.1993, Kichijoji

Track n10
A.D.1993, Shibuya

Track n11
A.D. 1996, Shijuku

Track n12
A.D. 2005, New Tokyo

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