Is there anyone, in this round (well, not at 100% round maybe eh eh eh JJ) and beutiful World who didn't think, at least once, "Well, someday one day I've to write a Nadia fan fiction...But how could I let other people read it, supposing I've not a site??", this is a great chance for you JJJ

If you really want to write a fan fiction (which can be as long as you want) but you don't know how to publish it, I'll be more than happy it here. If you want, and if you're going to write more than a fan fiction to put here, I'll also make a personal page for you in this section , that will be fully customizable by yourself.

Of course, the fan fiction could be made in EVERY language you want (not only English I mean).

So, are you ready? JJ You can write me here and we'll discuss about it. Obviously, the copyright of each fan fiction is owned by its original author (= you)


Yesterdays and Tomorrows
A crossover between Nadia and the animated Justice League series.

By -JME2-


By Mimmo


By Mimmo

Note: It's the prequel of "After the Wedding" (see below)

By Lady Athena

After the Wedding
Warning: "R" rated fan fiction

By Lady Athena

The Secret of the Ruby Amulet

By Lady Athena

Hello, again

By Lady Athena

Terrore a Londra
(ZIP file - Part 1)
(ZIP file - Part 2)
(ZIP file - Part 3)

By Vash de Stampeade

La resurrezione di Atlantide

24/11/2002 - Aggiunte nuove pagine

By Antares

The Return of the Blue Water

By Ron Butler

Festa di compleanno
(ZIP - File DOC - 20Kb)

By Vash de Stampeade

"Di nuovo insieme: anno 2995"
(ZIP - File DOC con introduzione dell'autrice - 48Kb)

By Cherry Cat

"Congiunzione Temporale: anno 2995
(ZIP - File DOC con introduzione dell'autrice - 82Kb)

By Cherry Cat

Gargoyle's story
(ZIP file - Part 1 - 14Kb)
(ZIP file -
Part 2 - 20Kb)
(ZIP file - Part 3 - 10Kb)
(ZIP file - Part 4 - 29Kb)
(ZIP file - Part 5 - 27Kb)

By Nadège

Le Secret De l'Eau Bleue: #40 : La veritable Atlantide
(ZIP file - 6Kb)

Le Secret De l'Eau Bleue: #41 : Mefiez vous des apparences !
(ZIP file - 16Kb)

By Manu

Nadia et le Secret de l'Eau Bleu: L'ile Deserte

By Sombre_Heresie

Une réhabilitation insolite
(ZIP file - 38Kb)

By Nadège

Si rien ne s'était passé
(ZIP file - 47Kb)

By Nadège

Il mistero della pietra azzurra - Le Havre 1897
(ZIP file + 8 fan arts - 808Kb)

By Ilaria

Le Secret De l'Eau Bleue: La Quête de la Liberté
(The Secret of Blue Water: Quest for Freedom)

Il mistero della pietra azzurra

By Vash de Stampeade

Neon Genesis Evangelion
(Fan fiction connected to the one above)
1 - 2 - 3

By Vash de Stampeade

Le Secret De l'Eau Bleue: Après 10 ans...

By Frodon The Hobbit

Il mistero della pietra azzurra - "Di nuovo insieme: anno 2995
(ZIP - File DOC - 48Kb)

By Cherry Cat

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