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A few years after the end of the "Blue Water" adventure, the World is approaching to the World War...

...but the World is shocked for another reason: suddenly, without any reason, important people of the political/military sphere disappear or, better, "evaporate". In London, in the editorial office of an important (?) newspaper, the editor-in-chief is ordering to his journalists to find the real cause of the evaporations. Meanwhile, someone is making the coffee...

...she is Nadia. In fact, she decided to become a journalist as well and works in England as apprentice, though the editor-in-chief allows her to make coffee and tea only...this fact, knowing Nadia's wonderful (...) cooking ability, confirm that he keeps her in that office just because she's pretty J The coffee, in fact, is awful, but the boss thanks Nadia anyway, assigning her a very important task: buying tobacco. Nadia obeys and, on the way back, sees a poster of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, starting thinking about the past...

In fact, in her spare time, Nadia is working on a book in which she tells the adventures of the...ehm...TV series we all know so well. So, 25 minutes of the movie are filled by her memories. Meanwhile, Jean is in France, still in LeHavre, working on his [explosive] inventions. Nadia promised (...) they will meet again once she learn how to live by herself.

A day, while working on an explosive version of the Excelion, Jean sees a blonde girl in a faint on the rocks, probably a survivor of a shipwreck. Meanwhile, in London, Nadia is alone in the office when the telephone rings: someone declares to know the real reason of the disappearances.

When they meet, the man recognizes in Nadia the Princess of Atlantis. Nadia answers she's not a princess anymore and asks the guy to reveal his real identity, since only people connected to NeoAtlantis know her secret. He admits he worked for NeoAtlantis in the past but, after Gargoyle's defeat, he understood that it was better to get money now than conquer the world tomorrow. He betrayed the organization and, for this reason, two killers in black coats are searching for him. Nadia asks if Gargoyle is still alive and he answers that, now, the boss is somebody even crazier than him.

Note: I'm basing this summary on the Italian adaptation of the movie. So, if it sounds to you a bit different from the origianal story, it's not my fault J

Those two killers the man was talking about suddenly appear and recognize Nadia. The betrayer gives her an envelope, before trying to stop the men and be killed. Nadia, using her old circus abilities, runs away, shaking off the pursuers.

Once safe, Nadia gets a look to the content of the envelope, finding some strange projects. She keeps one of them to continue her research and sends the rest of them to Jean, in LeHavre.

Meanwhile, in LeHavre, the girl saved by Jean can't recall anything, either her name but, after Jean talks a bit about him, his dead relatives and so on (good topics to discuss with a girl you've just met J), she falls prey to confusion and when Jean tries to help her, she finally recalls her name: Fuzzy. Meantime Nadia discovers more info about a strange drawing found in one of the projects: it's something connected with Professor Whola's research. According to him, human beings live because they breath, apart from oxygen, cosmic energy (and NOT "enegy" how it appears in the series -see above-! ARGH, what a mistake! J) and the construction of robots which would work in the same way is possible. His theories were condamned by religious authorities and he was forced to abort his research. No news from him since that moment. A curiosity: this professor had a daughter called Fuzzy....

Nadia runs to her editor-in-chief, telling him what she discovered but he seems everything but interested. But the owner of the journal is not of the same opinion and seems VERY interested to what Nadia has to tell, so he invites her in his office to discuss about it. But, once inside, he puts to sleep the girl and then uses a strange device hidden in his desk...

When Nadia awakes, she's inside a NeoAtlantean submarine. Someone enters and introduces himself: he's Jugger. He tells her that NeoAtlantis has financed Prof. Whola's research to have a series of robot, identical to the most important and influencing people of the political/military sphere, in order to substitute them and then start a war between all countries. Even the owner of the journal where Nadia wor...ehm...made the coffee is a robot but, unfortunately, lots of them weren't perfect and evaporated if the cosmic energy was too much. Jugger tells Nadia that one of their soldiers betrayed NeoAtlantis and escaped with the plans of the entire project and Prof. Whola's daughter and now he wants them back. Nadia refuses to say anything but Jugger was sure about that: in fact, he ordered a perquisition of Nadia's house in London. Over there, they found Jean's address in LeHavre and sent a group of external (to NeoAtlantis I mean) agents to get the plans.

Guess who these agents are? Yep, that's illogical, stupid and so on, but they're Grandis, Hanson & Sanson! According to the info they have, Jean kidnapped Fuzzy and stole the projects so they have to get both back. They put to sleep Jean but they only find the girl (because the envelope sent by Nadia hasn't already been delivered). Once Jean gets the project, he thinks something horrible is going to happen but, before all, he wants to save Fuzzy and pursues the gang.

Grandis & Co meet Jugger's agents in a dock and ask the money promised. The agents refuse to pay and one of them try to get Fuzzy by force and even Sanson goes KO ! Suddenly, far from there, a light appears: that's Jean, wearing a strange helmet with a mini-Exelion ready to fly !

The mess after the explosion of the mini-Exelion gives him the time to save Fuzzy but, after a quick attempt of flight, they are captured by the enemy. Grandis, once know she has been cheated, cries out for vengeance.

Jean and Fuzzy meet Nadia in the same room where the girl is imprisoned. Nadia seems so jealous of the girl but when she hears her name, Nadia understands she's Prof. Whola's daughter and that probably Jugger uses her to force the scientist working for NeoAtlantis. Jugger enters and asks Jean about the projects. The boy smiles and reveals he already sent them to French Ministry of War but, at that time, it's Jugger starting laughing: in fact, even that minister is a robot!

Since there's no utility in keeping him alive, Jean is condamned to death. He tries to avoid the attacks of a robot as long as he can till, suddenly, Grandis' gang comes to rescue. Nadia tries to help Jean but they both fall in the sea, where a shark would have killed them without Sanson's help. They ask the gang to help them rescueing Fuzzy but Grandis refuses to risk her life without any profit. But Sanson & Hanson succeed persuading her...

Sanson: Wait. In their base we could find all those important people they kidnapped. If we save them, they will pay us for sure.
Grandis: But they could be already dead...
Hanson: I don't think soo. They need info from them in order to make the robots credible!
Grandis: I've an idea: we'll kidnap them and then ask for a huge ransom!!!

So, with their help, Nadia and Jean reach the island where Jugger has installed his base. Meanwhile, Jugger kills his agents because he committed too many mistakes. After that, someone informs him that another country, even if without robots, has declared war: Japan.

Part 1 / 2

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