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On the island, they found a very high antenna, used to control every robot and fill them with vital energy. Jean and Nadia then found a way to enter the base but someone gives the alarm.

They try to defend from Jugger's troopers as they can and then escape, entering Prof. Whola's lab and finding Fuzzy. But the professor isn't happy to see them.

He isn't happy to see them and his doughter Fuzzy either, for a simple reason he reveals soon: that girl isn't Fuzzy but just a robot he built by her image. In fact, the real Fuzzy was brutally killed long ago and his wife died for the pain. For a kind of feeling of revenge against mankind, guity for the death of his family, he worked with Jugger, creating those robots he needed for his plan. At that poin, Jugger appears...

Whola asks him to get the boys because he doesn't want to be disturbed but the evil boss of NeoAtlantis says he's tired by all those imperfections of Whola's robots and that, for this reason, he doesn't need professor's help anymore. He aims a gun at him and shoots. Fuzzy succeeds intercepting the bullet, saving her father.

The professor can't believe his eyes and when Fuzzy asks him to save the World, the same World where her friends live, he understand his mistakes and, leaving the girl to Nadia and Jean, he goes to stop Jugger.

Even Grandis & Co. found a way to enter the base (and Sanson can finally get his revenge against the robot that knocked him out before) and while they're searching for the kidnapped people, Hanson is looking for Jean and Nadia. Meantime, in the control room, Jugger orders to fill with energy all the robots, in order to complete their mission.

Professor Whola stop Jugger and set the autodestruction! Jugger tries to kill him but it's too late and the bomb explodes, destroying the entire robot control system. For this reason, the robots in the World evaporate one by one. Meantime, Grandis and Sanson finally find the kidnapped people...well, at least their brains...

Sanson: Want to get them anyway?

It's time to escape using Hanson's new king-of-Gratan. But Jugger isn't dead yet and pursues them. Luckily, a piece of the huge antenna hits Jugger's submarine, killing him. After a bit, the island explodes.

Fuzzy, before evaporating, tells Nadia to trust Jean forever and then asks Jean if he thinks she'll re-born as a real human being. Jean says she's already a human being and, while disappearing, the girl thanks him

Jean buries the rest of Fuzzy near his house in LeHavre. Nadia is going back to London to continue writing her book. She promises to come back in LeHavre once finished and she kisses Jean.


Part 1 / 2

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