Nadia Merchandise

Nadia Merchandise

In this section you'll find the stuff (ok, let's call it "merchandise" JJ) Nadia has inspired over the years. There's a lot of cool stuff here: dolls (pretty cool! SO many were made!), CDs, playing cards (absolutely great), puzzles, pins etc etc. It's not a complete list, of course...

Dolls - Puzzle - Pins - Cards - Poker Cards - Videogames - CD & VHS - Laser Disc


Telephone Cards - Postcards - Books & Magazines - Pencil Boards - Ramicard - Other


I think there are other puzzles apart from the one below. Anyway it's quite cool !


Here are pins & iron-on stickers about Nadia...Bad scans unfortunately L

Poker Cards:

Aren't they great? I'd be really curious to see the entire set.


Well, there's not so much to say about VHS JJ


Laser Discs:

...aka the "Box of dreams", considering the cool stuff it features! Of course, you need a laser disc player to enjoy them. If you want to know more about the addictional stuff made for this laser disc edition (the omake[s] I mean) click here.

This is the first volume of the "not boxed" ones, I guess.


These postcard shouldn't be featured on "Nadia postcards book" (get a look to the books section). Click on the images to see a larger version.

Pencil boards:


(NOTE: lots more informations in the
Videogames section!)




Other stuff:

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