Nadia Merchandise: Dolls !

Nadia Merchandise: Dolls & Model Kits!

Here are Nadia "dolls" ! It's impossible to say how many different dolls has appeared on market since 1991, especially considering that I discover a new one as weeks pass by JJ. Below there are a few images I got so far. If you have anything else related to this section, please let me know clicking here, thanks!!

Note: for a lot of these dolls, I've found more than an image, usually from a different prospective. For this reason, I've put a few "roll-over" to let you see the second image just passing with your mouse on the first one.


Really nice doll ! Though Nadia's face isn't perfect, it's quite detailed and, above all, has King in top form. But I still ignore what kind of drug he got JJ


Well, there's nothing I can say without a better image. Anyway, this "kit" seems nice.


Absolutely wonderful ! This is the first image about Nadia dolls I found and it's one of the best ! Really nice and detailed Paris dress !


Nothng of special. Quite similar to n5...Only the material changes


I suppose this is not the same of the one above. Please note a different mouth, a different face and...King JJ


Eh eh eh, a baby Nadia JJJ.


This is one of the "dolls" I like less. Don't know why...


Well, it''s...what is this? JJ


At the beginning, I ignored if this one was an amateur doll made shaping a piece of soap or just a not coloured kit JJJ


Ulp, an Electra doll ! It's not perfect, as you can easily see. Why not blonder hair?


Another great Nadia doll. Even though her face isn't perfect, her body and the "running pose" is absolutely great.


Mmm...Doesn't it remind you the original Japanese opening video? JJ


Really really nice doll ! Made (and coloured) very very well !


The A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y wonderful kit which will be featured in Gainax's DVD Box (out in October 2001)


I know it's a hell of image, I'm sorry...


Even if it's still not coloured, it seems a really nice resin kin! Nice details (move your mouse to see a zoom on it)!


ARGH ! What did they do to King?? It's absolutely awful, especially 'cos it was coloured in an ugly way!


Another "petit Nadia", Even without colors, it's nicer than the other one.


The first of H____H dolls!


The second H____H doll !


One of the nicest!!


The first of the ones sold as "official" dolls...Or that's what I suppose getting a look to their package J


From the same series, here is Jean...


...and Electra-san! J


  The Grandis Gang taken from the "Characters Collection, which also features the dolls below  

  Jean, King (fishman version) and Marie taken from the "Characters Collection"  



Great model, even though Nadia seems too "thin" ....

  Mod. KIT N21:

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful ! As far I as remember, the Nautilus was bigger but it doesn't mind eh eh eh

  Mod. KIT N22:

Great! Great ! Great ! There are no words to describe this one!!

  Mod. KIT N23:

The previous one is great. but this one is SO funny !

  Mod. KIT N24:

I'm not sure if this one is the same of n21 or not...I suppose not, anyway (N.B. It's not my hand eh eh eh JJJ)



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Thanks to Cloud 33 for a lot of these images.