Nadia Merchandise: Books !

Nadia Merchandise: Books & Magazines

Here's a kind of database of the best/most famous books & magazines about Nadia. Of course, here you won't find, for example, ALL the articles about the series appeared in an incredible number of magazine over the years but just the most important ones.

Of course, if you sell some of these for a reasonable price, don't esitate contacting me JJ

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - Roman Album
(168 pages - price: 980 Yen)

Probably the best of Nadia books, the one to choose if you have to choose J. There are a lot of things: high quality images with comments, screenshots, interviews with the creators of this wonderful anime, sketches of mecha[s] and a lot more. Or that's, at least, what those lucky people who got it has told to me JJ

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - Portraits
(98 pages - price: 1300 yen) 

Quite different from Roman Album, it features a series of full-page images, taken from the anime or created by the same authors.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - La Memoire
(82 pages - price: 1200 yen) 

Similar to Portraits, with different images of course J

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - Anime Comics - Vol 1-6
(144 pages each - price: 590 yen each)

Great anime comics, featuring the full (ok, not "full"...6-7 episodes are just summed up) story as a typical "manga" but featuring the original cels used for the series. The quality of drawings is superb.


Nadia: The Secret of Fuzzy - Anime Comic
(144 pages - price: 590 yen)

The same of the 6 volumes above but about the movie.

"Cyber Comix Special Edition"
(262 pages - price: 1500 Yen)

Black & White stories about Nadia & Co as character. Sorry, don't know more.

Nadia - Picture Books
(28 pages - price : 430 yen each)

I really don't know what kind of books these can be, but I know I won't spend much money for them JJ. They seems such as "semplified" version of the anime comics, made for children or so. I don't know if there are "spoken" parts on them or not. I've used a series of images taken from this comics for the competition anyway. Click here to know more about it.


"Nadia Postcards"
(24 postcards - 240 yen)

A series of 24 coloured postcards with great (but not impossible to find in internet J) images

"Nadia Newtype 100% Collection"
(98 pages - price : 1200 Yen)

Well, it should be about "Nadia & The secret of Fuzzy". I'm sorry, I don't know more about this.

The Secret of Blue Water - Complete Continuity Book
(4 or more volumes - price: ??)

This is REALLY interesting if it's what I think ! I suppose it features a lot of scenes frame by frame, as you can see from the cover. It'd be SO cool !

More info? Mail me please JJ

"Princess Nadia"
by Am Juju

I don't know much about this. As far as a friend told me, it should be similar to Anime Comic n░1 (first eight episodes)

"Nadia Hardcover Books"
(112 pages - price : 1550 Yen each)

Two volumes with the story, episode by episode.

"Nadia Guide Book"

Boh? JJJ

Welcome to Nadia's World !
Nadia: Secret of Blue Water Encyclopedia book
(222 pages - price: ???)

This book measures 4"x6" and has 222 pages mainly in B&W. Published in Japan in 1989, this book mainly covers the characters and mechanics from the TV series.

Animedia issues

Two examples of Animedia (Japanese famouse anime magazine) Nadia issues. There sare July 1990 and November 1990 issues. They feature goodies like posters, iron-on transfers, stickers, postcards and cassette labels.

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Alpha Book
by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
(About 100 pages, 32 about Nadia - price: ??)

Book full of  illustration made by Yoshiyuk Sadamoto. The art book Alpha contains 32 pages of more 70 unique full color images from Yoshiyuk Sadamoto's popular anime series - 80% of which comes from Nadia

"Der Mond"
by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Another Sadamoto's illustrations book. This is the opposite of the above one: in fact, there are just 3 Nadia images between dozens and dozens of Eva ones JJ


I really don't know anything about the stuff below. If you have, can you kindly mail me?

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