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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 soundtrack

Bye Bye Blue Water - Track n░11

A.D. 1900

Marie: Yuko MIZUTANI
Housemother: Kumiko TAKIZAWA

Housemother: Attention please, there's a call for Ms. Marie En Carlsberg of room n░ 22 . Ms. Carlsberg of n░ 22. There's an outside call for you. Please come to the office urgently.

Marie: Here I am. Sorry! Thank to you, housemother.
Marie: Hello! Oh, it is a long time! Yes, I fine thank you. How are you, Grandis?
Marie: Really, Good!
Marie: Here? Women's dormitory is awful. Since there are many rules, I can't do nothing.
Marie: Eaton didn't need to put me into this dormitory, so distant from the village, either.
Marie: Yeah! Do you think that too?
Marie: Ah!
Marie: I see. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Marie: I wonder how Eaton can be an earl. I couldn't believe a word from him.... Do you also think that?
Marie: Eaton? He visits me once a month.
Marie: Who do you think come together with him the other day?
Marie: Samson!
Marie: He's still the same. I met him for the first time in ten years.
Marie: He said that I became big. It was beautiful!


Marie: I grew up! And I could bear a child! But Samson treated me like a child....
Marie: No! It was inconvenient on that day.
Marie: I gave Samson a promise. A date!
Marie: He'll be the first man escorting and taking me somewhere!
Marie: I am excited!
Marie: Which kind of dress should I wear?
Marie: What?! I can't do it?! But if you take a date with various men everyday...!
Marie: Different?! Friend?!
Marie: I am a friend of Samson, too!
Marie: Oh! The housemother has glared at me.
Marie: Let's meet you on Sunday of the week after next. Please pick up me!
Marie: Good night! No. Thank you for calling!

.   ---THE END---

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