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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 soundtrack

Bye Bye Blue Water - Track n░13

A.D. 1901

Nadia: Yoshino TAKAMORI
King Saulus III: Toshiharu SAKURAI


Nadia: Ah!!!!
Nadia: Hello! Grandis?! Oh! I'm fine, thank you! How are you?
Nadia: Really, Good!
Nadia: Meal? All right! I eat!
Nadia: What? Impolite! I cook for him. I'm also a mama now! I do housekeeping, cleaning, washing....
Nadia: Also, my repertory of cooking has increased: scrambled eggs, fried eggs, plain omelets... I can cook double fried eggs, cooking two eggs simultaneously. There are also triple fried eggs, cooking three eggs simultaneously....
Nadia: And fresh eggs! I make him drink them every morning. So he has energy for all over the day.


Nadia: Again!!!
Nadia: No problem.... Jean has failed an invention again, making rubbish... Although he become papa, he still makes inventions that don't bring us money, as usual....
Nadia: He doesn't have the sense of money at all...
Nadia: Anyway, our life together is very pleasant, even at first. I love his soul, his heart, his body...


Nadia: You must not go into inside by such appearance!!! Stay outside!
Nadia: Sorry. How far did I talk? OK! The heart...and the body. (JJ)
Nadia: Now I know people can't live without love.


Nadia: Ah! Please wait a moment!!

Image of King Saulus III taken from the epilogue (ep39) Nadia: King Saulus III. I say, 'Don't play here!'. Who do you think cleans up??

King Saulus III: Nya!!!

Nadia: In papa's place gently.

Nadia: Good! Good child.

(she comes back to telephone)

Nadia: Sorry again.
Nadia: Yes. he's King's puppy. he's still a baby but he's very pretty and always plays with my Jr.
Nadia: Our child is as good as our marriage.
Nadia: I try making him feeling my love.
Nadia: Grandis, Where are you now?
Nadia: Paris?! You are in Paris! I'd also want to... Paris is the place of the encounter of our fate.
Nadia: I've never been there after the building of the 2nd Eiffel Tower.
Nadia: I'll ask Jean. It'll be great.
Nadia: Though it'll be very dramatic meeting friends in the first place after more than ten years...
Nadia: Of course, I'll also take Jr.with us ...He has grown, as well....
Nadia: ...whow...ten years...
Nadia: When I was young, I thought that there was an endless time.


Nadia: What a querulous thing you say! Seemingly it's not, Grandis.
Nadia: Your life is at a turning point. Fight!
Nadia: Let's meet you at the 2nd Eiffel Tower.
Nadia: Good-bye, Adios, Sayonara!

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