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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 soundtrack

Bye Bye Blue Water - Track n░14

A.D. 1991

Nadia ITO: Noriko HIDAKA

Nadia ITO is a grandchild of Nadia's grandchild.    

Ritsuko is a friend of Nadia ITO.

Nadia: Hello, Ritsuko!
Nadia: Yes. stopping on the way just for a moment, between a bookstore and an accessories shop.
Nadia: Probably, I am conspicuous. I differ from other people, don't you think?  My blood is mixed with a foreigner's.
Nadia: This is true.
Nadia: My name is strange, isn't it? Nadia.
Nadia: No. My name is not smart. The teacher memorized my name immediately.
Nadia: My grandmother called me Nadia.
Nadia: Nadia was the grandmother of my grandmother.
Nadia: Seemingly, she was the idol of the circus of Paris.
Nadia: You know, the Paris incident told in the historical textbook...
Nadia: The big flying disk appeared over Paris...
Nadia: She was related to the incident, together with her father.
Nadia: I don't know the details of the story, honestly I'm not interested on it so much...
Nadia: My mind is full of him.
Nadia: It's completely useless. I can't afford to consider any other thing.
Nadia: I don't want to go on in anything, study and so on.
Nadia: That's very blue!!!
Nadia: I see.
Nadia: Ok, I'll call him. I'll call!!!


Nadia: But, I don't know...Once I decide, I should think to something to say...
Nadia: At present, I don't know what to say.
Nadia: Yes. This may be good. But I've to call him.


Nadia: At least I should do it while I have courage. I'd like to be rewarded for it...
Nadia: 'We only go around once in life, so we've gotta live it up!'. We can't live by regret.
Nadia: It's not then now.
Nadia: Life goes on somehow. And I still don't want to know what abandonment is. I'll do my best.
Nadia. See ya!  


Nadia: Hello! Ritsuko, Nadia here. It was useless. But, don't worry, I am thankful to him. He taught to me that I love man. Therefore, I won't never forget him.
Nadia: You know, 'reproduction comes from destruction'...
Nadia: I am OK! There's an endless time. Even it seems impossible now, I'll be fine.
Nadia: Thank you for worrying. See you!!!  

---THE END---

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