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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 soundtrack


Bye Bye Blue Water - Track n░2

Episode 0,5: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Electra:Kikuko INOUE
Echo:Yasunori MATSUMOTO
Chief engineer: Yu SHIMAKA
Science division manager: Motomu KIYOKAWA
Chief Steering man: Aruno TAHARA
Icolina (nurse): Yuko MIZUTANI
Narrater: Motomu KIYOKAWA

Narrator: By the way, it's 1888. Since they want to fight Neo Atlantis, a mysterious organization which plans to rule over human-beings, the captain Nemo and his crew converted the only working spacecraft over 12 years in a submarine. Its name is All-purpose Submarine Nautilus. And Nautilus sails in order to search Neo Atlantis today.


Electra: Now, I also do my best vigorously today.
Electra: Ah! I will choose what color...
Electra: Blue!
Electra: Since the color of this uniform is also blue and my feelings are blue as well...
Electra: Where's my bra...?

(She gets a look to the clock)

Electra: Woo! It is already such time. I have to hurry!!! Anyway, since it does not necessarily show whom...
Electra: It will be becoming tame although it is somewhat unpleasant.  

(She reaches the control room)

Electra: Good morning.
Electra: It's strange. Nobody is here. What occurred? It's insecure that nobody is here, even if the submarine is being fixed. Maybe they are in the sub bridge.

Electra: Nobody is.

Electra: Nobody is

Electra: Nobody is also here.

Electra: Nobody is also

Electra: Nobody is also

Electra: Where does everybody play? Without also doing work... How will we cope with it, if a Garfish appears. Moreover, I can't find the captain, either.

Electra: They are watchhing that dirty hidden video. So, I think that's right. It is certainly so. It is so.
Electra: When I was cleaning the bridge, that very dirty book came out from the crevice between panels. The men of this ship are completely shameless. I want to all confiscate a dirty book from that shameless group!
Electra: It's the moment of truth!!!  

Electra: Everybody!!!
Everybody: Happy birthday!!!
Electra: What is it?
Echo: Today is your birthday, isn't it?
Electra: Oh!!!
Chief engineer: We were silent in order to surprise you.
Electra: What! I am shameful to have thought that you were lascivious. I have to examine myself.
Electra: Thank you very much.
Science division manager: Now! Cake, Cake...
Electra: It is a big birthday cake, isn't it?
Steersman: You should extinguish the fire of all the candles at a stretch.
Icolina: Our vice-captain is young!!!
Electra: Can I extinguish the fire of such many candles!?
Electra: Please wait just for a moment.
Electra: One, two, three, four, five, six...
Electra: Why...Why are there 29 candles?
Electra: They're too many.
Nemo: So I congratulate for your 28th birthday!
Electra: What??
Nemo: What? Electra...
Echo: Different, Captain! Electra became 27 years old today.  


Steersman: Is it different?
Electra: Yes...
Echo: How... How old are you?
Chief engineer: Oh!!! It remembered now. Electra became 26 years old
Steersman: Yes, that is right.  


Science division manager: Electra. Although it is impolite, how old are you?  
Electra: Eight... Eighteen!!!  
Everybody: Eighteen...

* The secret of blue wateeeeeer.... *

(Echo is "on stage", speaking in a microphone)

Crew: Poor!!!
Icolina: Vulgar!!!
Crew: You pay money!!!
Echo: Let's have Electra announce a special performance. Please Electra!!!
Icolina: Go Electra!
Electra: I cannot do anything at all. Also as for performance, I can do neither a dance nor magic at all at the moment!!!
Nemo: What!?
Steersman: Don't lie.
Electra: It's not a lie!
Steersman: Don't be stingy.
Electra: Ahaan! Ahaan!
Science division manager: Please everybody calm down. I have a good idea.
Echo: Well, you are a science division manager....
Science division manager: Since Electra became 18 years old today, let's have a proof shown by her.
Steersman: Proof?
Science division manager: Yes! Could Electra's youthful body hidden under that dress be today's highest performance?
Echo: That is right. It is accordant to reason. Wonderful idea, science division manager!
Science division manager: Thank you.
Echo: Then, here's today's main event!!! The white skin which Electra shows for the first time. What a sprightly body ! Let's show the lamb that can stray to a Utopia by the handclap.

(the handclap starts)

Echo: Electra! Electra!
Everybody: Electra! Electra!

Electra: These people are a really lascivious group! I lost by examining oneself.
Electra: No! No! Captain Nemo! Please stop this shameless beasts somehow.  

(a glass is broken)

Electra: The captain is drinking too much alcohol!!!
Nemo: It doesn't matter... remove!!!
Electra: But...Captain!!!


Electra: Ok....I understood! I'm going to remove my uniform... remove!!!
Steersman: Wahoo!!
Echo: She's without a bra!!!
Chief engineer: Defenseless!!!
Crew: And it is as large as except.
Electra: Ahhh! I did not wear the bra!!
Chief engineer: A nosebleed...

Electra: It is shameful!!!

(Electra runs out of the room)

Echo: She escaped!!!
Chief engineer: It is natural.
Steersman: However, we have to continue with this...
Science division manager: No problem. Don't worry.
Steersman: Icolina!!!
Icolina: No!!!
Steersman: Good idea! The next target is Icolina!!!
Echo: Just a moment.
Icolina: Oh, Echo!
Echo: No! No!
Steersman: It's a betrayal !
Crew: Ehi, you had no problem with Electra!
Echo: That's that. And this is this!!! Even if God allows raping her, I do not allow. Don't allow!
Steersman: What do you perform?
Echo: Icolina, hear my message....

---The End---

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