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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 soundtrack

Bye Bye Blue Water - Track n░5


Argo (Nemesis): Motomu KIYOKWA
Nemo (Elisis): Akio Otsuka

14 rounds, 23 day, 12050 year in Icon calendar, Nemesis La Argol, the prime minister of Thartesos kingdom, writes....

Gargoyle: In the afternoon, when sunlight softened, our game was interrupted by the call of Elisis' wife. He has became fairly indulgent as a parent. Is a daughter so important?  He is so frolicking that a he doesn't seem the king of a country. But, though restoration has been finished and the Tower of Babel is ready to be rebooted using the Blue Water, he is opposing the revival plan stubbornly. He troubles me!

Gargoyle: Our opinions have already followed parallel lines in about a year. I can't spend useless time anymore. Elisis' way of managing humans is insufficient. If foolish Humans spread will continue, the World will follow the ruined way. Why doesn't he understand that we are their true masters and our goal is saving them immediately?  


Gargoyle: Hello!

Nemo: Hi, Nemesis. Would you come to the courtyard?

Gargoyle: What happen, Elisis? Do you want to continue our chess game?

Nemo: No. I think that I'll take a memorial photograph for Nadia's birth. Don't you want to be in the photograph together?

Gargoyle: No, I withhold.

Nemo: Don't say a so hard thing. Aren't you my best friend for over 30 years?

Gargoyle: Ok, so...

Nemo: Good, I wait you in the courtyard.  


Gargoyle: Regrettably, this will become the last time passed together. Your family will die tomorrow. It is regrettable but it is for the sake of Earth. Would you understand? From tomorrow, I'll throw away the past, declare myself Gargoyle and lead the World to the right way with Vinusis.  

---The End---  

N.B. Vinusis is Emperor Neo

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