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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 soundtrack

Bye Bye Blue Water - Track n░7

Episode 26,5: PLEASE, EXPECT!

Jean: Noriko HIDAKA
Nadia: Yoshino TAKAMORI
Marie: Yuko MIZUTANI
King: Toshiharu SAKURAI
Narratore: Kikuko INOUE

Narration: About 100 years ago, Nadia, Jean, Marie and King were separated from the sinking submarine Nautilus and reached an uninhabited island, beginning the Japanese life reluctantly. Jean and Nadia experienced a platonic French kiss twice and they're now happy.

But something will occur, when two adolescent man and woman live under the same roof and their impulses are arising...

(it's night time)

Marie: zzz!
King: nyazzz! (J)

Jean: Marie and King fall asleep so easily. I wonder how they can sleep well in such a sultry night. Right, Nadia?

(Nadia is sleeping as well, but she...ehm...emits some...ehm..."ambiguous" weils...)

Nadia: Uhhhn!
Jean: Nadia is sleeping too! But...It's early!
Jean: That means I also have to go to sleep now.... I have to rise early to invent the first ever electric fan with a timer, since this heat defeats me.
Nadia: Uhhn!

(she moves and one of her hands hurts against Jean's body...)

Jean: Nadia! Your hand is obstructive! Move aside. -- It is sultry.
Nadia: Uhhn!
Jean: Your sleeping posture is bad!
Nadia: Uhhn!

(Again, but this time Jean is touched by Nadia's leg ...)

Jean: Nadia! Your leg is a bit obstructive. And your face is too near!
Jean: Nadia!
Jean: ARGH!!!!
Jean: The b...b...bra is not attached!!!! It shows all!!!!!
Jean: WHOOOW!!!! Panties aren't put on, either!!!! I think that sleeping without panties is unsavory even if you are a healthy person!
Jean: No! Though seeing is a man's characteristic, seeing more is bad!
Jean: At present, this is an accident. Even if Nadia wakes up, it will be still an accident. I am not necessarily carrying out of my will. I think Nadia wearing nothing is bad!


Jean: But there is also a feeling of keeping watching her. I want to catch a true figure of Nadia. And a true figure is at only 10cm of distance and if I lengthen my hand.... Nadia lies in the defenseless figure....
Jean: But I ignore what Nadia would think about it... I love her...
Jean: Stop! More than this is bad!


Jean: I'll only look, I can't bear!!!
Jean: I'll look at her more often. Where are my glasses...?

(Jean's glasses fall behind the "shelf")

Jean: Oh my God! Glasses have fallen behind a shelf!!
Jean: God will surely say, "More than this is bad." But, Passion! What should I do with this impulse blazing up?
Jean: Oh! Science might be helpful in this case!
Jean: It'll be a Moment if it's called vigor.
Jean: An Inertia Moment is that acceleration O (omega) produced around a fixed axis is proportional to Moment n for the fixed axis of power that is acting. z axis is taken in the direction of a fixed axis and the size of rotational acceleration is O. then The speed of mass m_1 which is in the point p_1 of coordinates (x_1,y_1) is expressed with OG_1....
Jean: OK! The hot impulse has decreased!

Nadia: Uhhn!

Jean: Oh No! How can the great science collapse so easily against Nature? I think that it may be all right, since we are young.
But in such things, partner's feelings are important... It is not fair while sleeping.
Jean: ...But even if Nadia declines at first, she may agree later...

(Jean exits from the tent and start waking away from it. The rumour of his voice and steps is softer as seconds go by...)

Jean: No! It's a very shameless thing! I will cool the head in a toilet. It'll surely be the cause of heat. The first ever electric fan with a timer is not helpful. Starting from tomorrow, I will invent a very cold air conditioner as the Nautilus one!

(Silence...then, after a couple of seconds...)

Nadia (whispering): You're a coward... (JJJ)

---The End---

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