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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 1 soundtrack

Bye Bye Blue Water - Track n░9

Episode #35.5: A RESTORATIVE DAY

Nemo: Akio OTSUKA
Electra: Kikuko INOUE
Echo: Yasunori MATSUMOTO
Ingegnere capo: Yu SHIMAKA

Echo: It's a long tunnel. -- How far does it continue?

Chief Engineer: This automatic passage leads to A-33, that is the underground block of the old Atlantis kingdom.

Nemo: Yes, It is the 7th underground hangar.

Elektra: But is there any spacecraft that can be started there?

Echo: We converted the last spacecraft into Nautilus. But, Nautilus was destroyed by Gargoyle's battle warship. The remaining main bridge tatters. Energy has also been drained. Anything does not have arms.
Echo: We don't have enough power to build a submarine once again.

Chief Engineer As for us, the life remains. We're lucky to be alive.

Elektra: Yes. And since we are alive, there is surely another chance.

Echo: Elektra! Your hair...?!

Elektra: Yes. I cut my hair.

Echo: Short!

Chief Engineer: Your hair was long and so beautiful!

Elektra:  At the moment, for me, hair aren't nothing of necessary.

Echo: Your uniform is also tight.

Chief Engineer: It's difficult to avoid casting an eye on it...

Elektra: Unavoidable, but this is a space look. Although it's somewhat shameful, it is required for our next mission.

Echo: We lost!

Elektra: No, we lost only once, but there's still hope.

Nemo: So the ship of our hope remains idle here.

Echo These are...

Chief Engineer: These are the ruins of old Atlantis.

Echo: This...this ship is Excelion?

Electra: It's unbelievable that it really exists!!

Chief Engineer: Captain, Even if we repair this ship...

Nemo: With our knowledge and technology, we could pull out several percent of the power of this ship. And only this power can oppose the power of Gargoyle.

Elektra: Can only power overcome power?

Nemo: Yes. Only N-Nautilus can only prevent his ambition.

Echo: N-Nautilus? This is?

Nemo: Yes. This is the All-purpose Battleship, New Nautilus!  

---THE END---

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