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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 soundtrack

Good Luck Nadia - Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 - Track n░10

A.D. 1993, Shibuya

Nadia ITO: Noriko HIDAKA
Ritsuko: Rei SAKUMA

Nadia: Hi! Have you been waiting long?
Ritsuko: NO! I've been waiting *only* for about thirty minutes.
Nadia: I'm sorry. My mama has caught me.
Ritsuko: Is this a pendant? It's embarrassing!
Nadia: This? I got this from my father, for my birthday.
Ritsuko: Papa?
Nadia: Yes. He said that I have to wear it and I must not forget it. It seems to be important. So it's inevitable though it is embarrassing.
Ritsuko: Blue that becomes transparent!
Nadia: It seems to be drawn. It turns blue day by day.
Ritsuko: It is interesting.

Ritsuko: So...
Nadia: What?
Ritsuko: How does it proceed with your boyfriend...?
Nadia: Sex.

Ritsuko: Bhuuu! (she spits her drink)

Ritsuko: S-So, when?
Nadia: After school in the class room.

Ritsuko: Bhuuu! (she spits her drink..again)

Ritsuko: W-Wasn't it early? I mean, you already kissed him, but...
Nadia: I was surprised too. But I had a premonition at that time. I sleep with him. I was being resigned. I wanted to keep touching him all the time. I stopped finding out a reason after that.
Ritsuko: What do you remember?
Nadia: The floor was cold. But he was warm.
Ritsuko: Was it so?
Nadia: Yes, it was.
Ritsuko: It seems you didn't change.
Nadia: I don't know. Actual feeling doesn't entail it. I feel like I grew up a little.
Ritsuko: You are adult, too!
Nadia: I don't think so, since I don't know the boundary between the child and the adult. There isn't even the reason of the adult from the coming-of age ceremony. There isn't even the reason of my first sexual experience. However, something exists.
Ritsuko; A day you'll understand that will come someday. And you'll know you grew up.
Nadia: That's true, Ritsuko! You have a philosophical view. You're fully adult.

(the background music changes...now playing one of the songs sung by the Nautilus crew JJ)

Ritsuko: However, It was surprising. I thought that you reached an end. I really don't know the World...
Nadia: Is it very strange?
Ritsuko: No. Anyway, congratulations!
Nadia: Congratulations?!

---The End---

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