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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 soundtrack

Good Luck Nadia - Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 - Traccia n░11

A.D. 1996, Shijuku

Nadia ITO: Noriko HIDAKA
Ritsuko: Rei SAKUMA

Nadia: (pretty drunk) May I ask for another beer?
Salesclerk: Yes.
Ritsuko: Nadia, do all right!
Nadia: I wanna get drunk and feel crushed today.
Ritsuko: I see. Your hair was cut again.
Nadia: Yes. I have forgotten. It was bad by the standard.
Ritsuko: Nadia, don't be caught.
Nadia: Caught? I cannot annoy you.
Ritsuko: Yeah! I was wrong.
Nadia: I see. But he doesn't see!!!
Ritsuko: Yeah.
Salesclerk: Here is, please!
Ritsuko: Thanks.
Nadia: BEAST!!! FOOL!!! (glu glu glu)
Ritsuko: Do you take a little mug?
Nadia: No! Today I will drink until my memory stops.
Ritsuko: Nadia, stop equivocating with liquor!
Nadia: But, I don't think I'll go on...
Ritsuko: With him?
Nadia: We only sleep. And quarrel.
Ritsuko: Still...
Nadia; I thought whether it was an end and I was held for him.
Ritsuko: This is no good. Such occurred, too. It's an end if you see his face and you're not fashinated anymore.
Nadia: ...end...
Ritsuko: Then, if you meet, you quarrel. Therefore, you don't want to be here with him. Are you such relation for him recently? This is good, since it is clean up.
Nadia (crying): It isn't clean up!!! Return!!! Return my youth!!! Return my virginity!!!
Ritsuko: Nadia, this is meaningless even if you curse about man's slyness.
Nadia: Then, I drink and forget according to my original purpose.
Ritsuko: Yeah! I get along until the morning, too. Let's go karaoke!!! Karaoke!
Nadia: Yes.
Ritsuko: I'll pay, here.
Nadia: Ritsuko...
Ritsuko: What?
Nadia: Thank you.

Nadia: I forget...I can't forget....

---The End---

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