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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 soundtrack

Good Luck Nadia - Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 - Track n░12

A.D. 2005, New Tokyo

Nadia ITO: Noriko HIDAKA
Ritsuko: Rei SAKUMA

Nadia: Well, let's celebrate our new meeting!
Nadia & Ritsuko: Toast!!!
Ritsuko: It's so long awaited...
Nadia: One year has passed...
Ritsuko: I didn't meet you after you moved here.
Nadia: It was inevitable. Because the company moved with the transfer of the capital, too.
Ritsuko: I couldn't play anymore after I got married, either. It is inevitable.
Nadia & Ritsuko: Each other age was taken.
Nadia: I sentimentalized...
Ritsuko: Ah, a pierce! Did you pierce your ears?
Nadia: Yes. Does it suit me?
Ritsuko: Yes!!!
Nadia: Thanks
Ritsuko: A gift from your boyfriend?
Nadia: Yes.
Ritsuko, Now... Where is he, after our meeting at new Tokyo tower?
Nadia: Sorry. He works today.
Ritsuko: Same old story...Though you said that was more important with the work and me.
Nadia: Adult love is different from childish one...
Ritsuko: Adult love. I see. You wore the same clothes in succession. Furthermore, you had an umbrella though the weather was fine.
Nadia: You get informations soon!!!
Ritsuko: You assote with a man soon, too!
Nadia: I don't stick for this very much.
Ritsuko: You're thirty years old...
Nadia: No. I am the 20's still. There's a month left...
Ritsuko: How is he?
Nadia: Ah, a woman can't understand a man's nature unless she had sex with him?
Ritsuko: Yeah.
Nadia: He is a gentleman and nice.
Ritsuko: Then...
Nadia: My breasts are small and I felt this as a complex. But, He said "I like the breasts satisfied in my hand." Really nice!!
Ritsuko: Yeah!
Nadia: I felt a real woman when he said this to me.
Ritsuko: Yeah. Do you think you can without cutting your hair?
Nadia: Yes. I think so.
Ritsuko: This is great!
Nadia: Because I can become frankly gentle.
Ritsuko: You are improving.
Nadia: I experienced various thing. So far, I didn't waste my life.
Ritsuko: Experience principle!
Nadia: It's not only experience.
Ritsuko: Aren't you afraid though you failed many times?
Nadia: A little. But this is good. Kanji of Kareshi (=Boy friend) is written with the man far in the distance. A boy friend seems to be near, but in reality he may be far.
Ritsuko: Therefore, woman wants to be there with him.
Nadia: Yes. There is no perfect human being. But I think that we can approach.
Ritsuko: You like this reason. What does he say?
Nadia: He likes the reason, too.
Ritsuko: Like cures like. As for the marriage?
Nadia: I don't consider it yet. It's too early to get married...
Ritsuko: We don't reach the turn of the life, either.
Nadia: It comes to be!!!
Ritsuko: Yes, life is like the weather. It comes to be!!!
Nadia: It'll be better next time.
Ritsuko: Now, We believe in our bright future!
Nadia: Let's work for it!!!

---The End---

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