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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 soundtrack

Good Luck Nadia - Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 - Track n░2

Episode -1: Determination

Electra: Kikuko INOUE
Echo: Yasunori MATSUMOTO
Chief engineer: Yu SHIMAKA
Science division manager: Motomu KIYOKAWA
Chief Steering man: Aruno TAHARA
Water Level Operator: Toshiharu SAKURAI
Icolina (nurse): Yuko MIZUTANI
Crew: Yuichi NAGASHIMA
Crew: Masaki AIZAWA
Narrator: Motomu KIYOKAWA

Narrator: By the way, it's 1888. Trying to stop NeoAtlantis, a mysterious organization that plans to rule over the mankind, Captain Nemo and his crew fight using a submarine, called all-purpose submarine Nautilus. An today, the endless, desperate struggle against NeoAtlantis continues...

(underwater explosion)

Electra: There's an an enemy on the left of the bow. Prepare to fight against an enemy submarine!
Icolina: We'll kill people today.


Icolina: Otherwise, we'd be killed...
Crew: A torpedo hit the center of the bow! Damages are unknown!
Crew: Flooding on 6th block!
Electra Urgent closing of the 6th block. Pour into the 2nd and 4th ballast of the right of the bow,
Electra: A noncombatant needs to shunt to the 3rd block immediately!
Icolina: The 3rd block!!! Hurry up!!
Crew: Hurry drainage of the left bow. You can do more than this!
Crew: Yes, sir!!!
Electra: Now, prepare to capture the enemy. Prepare the defense for a thunder stroke!!!
Crew: Yes, sir! Preparing the defense for a thunder stroke!!!
Crew: We're sagging! Disconnection!
Crew: Change the power of pump. It's impossible in this condition.
Electra: A torpedo is approaching!!! Brace for impact!
Icolina: What? Oh No!


Icolina: What...? Was it a direct hit?!
Crew: The deck was damaged!
Crew: No response from the bridge
Crew: Stop flood. Any wounded person?
Crew: I don't know!
Crew: The newcomer is going there now.
Echo: Icolina!!!
Icolina: What happen?
Echo: It was a direct hit on a main bridge. There's also a wounded person.
Icolina: I see. I go immediately. Ah!
Echo: Yes sir!
Icolina: Take this box.
Echo: Yes sir!

Nemo: It's damaged! Report!
Chief steering man: Depth, 600 meters. Now dropping. Speed is falling to one third.
Chief engineer: An engine room is still ok but it's not working. Electrical transmissions are broken.

Echo: It's terrible!
Icolina: It is just like a sea of blood.
Echo: Chief! Chief!
Icolina: He's died. Early Electra's allowance
Echo: Uooo!!! (retching)
Icolina: Don't vomit here.
Echo: But, this is...
Icolina: I want to vomit too. Try to resist.
Echo: Yes sir.
Electra: Uooo!!! (retching)
Icolina: Ah! Hurry up. You!!!
Echo: My name is Echo Wilan.
Icolina: It's not the name. Take gauze.
Echo: Yes, sir!!!
Icolina: Electra, this will leave a scar in your breast.
Electra: Carry out!!!

Icolina: Shaking!!!

Chief engineer: Oh No. This is broken.
Chief navigator: Cruise equipment is disconnected.
Chief steering man: Captain. This situation is...
Nemo: Abandon the main bridge. Henceforth command is trasferred to a sub bridge.
Crew: Roger!
Nemo: Ask Electra, Icolina.
Icolina: Yes sir.
Echo: But Captain, we can't! Chief of the exploration is dead!
Chief steering man: Don't say such a foolish thing. You'll revenge the chief of the exploration.
Echo: What?
Electra: Only you can do it now.
Chief engineer: That's right
Echo: Even if such a thing is true, I am a newcomer, and I only touched the machine just for a moment. I can't!!
Icolina: Don't say a so deplorable thing. A moment, you say? Probably it will be enough. Or do you want to die?
Echo: Ok...I'll do it!
Icolina: Do your best. Never give up.
Echo: I see. I'll do.
Nemo: It's an order.
Echo: Yes, sir!!!

--- The End ---

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