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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 soundtrack

Good Luck Nadia - Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 - Track n░2

A.D. 1901

Saonson: Kenyu HORIUCHI
Grandis: Kumiko TAKIZAWA
Hanson: Toshiharu SAKURAI

Sanson: Is it cold?
Sanson: It is cold, isn't it?
Sanson: It gets cold!
Sanson: We didn't meet for a while, you grew.
Sanson: Where do we go?
Sanson: Are you hungry?
Sanson: You are in a bad mood. Did I do anything wrong?
Marie: Yes.
Sanson: Well, I could meet you only once in the last three months and I didn't call you. But I could not, since I live here!
Marie: Could!
Sanson: Could not.
Marie: Could!
Sanson: Really, I could not!
Marie: I Could!!!
Sanson: What could you do?
Sanson: Ah!

Marie: I will bear a child. I will surely bear a child. I can bear him alone. I will bring up a child alone. I can bring up like Electra. I don't need anyone. I won't talk to Grandis, either. Is it ok? Sure...

(Grandis is thrashing Sanson)

Grandis: Sanson! Do you understand your action??
Hanson: Grandis, p-please calm down.
Grandis: Calm down?! I can't calm down.

Marie: It will become so. Why do you chuckle?
Sanson: Is it my child?
Marie: No! It is OUR child.
Sanson: All right!

Marie: Really?
Sanson: Yes.
Marie: Will we get married?
Sanson: We'll schedule it soon...

Marie; Sanson...?
Sanson: Yes?
Marie: Please be together all the time, in fine days, rainy days and till Doomsday.
Sanson: No!
Marie: Why?
Sanson: Such a day won't come. And, even if such a day comes, I will lose it. Because there's our child's future.
Marie: So, My child's life will start now...
Sanson: No, Marie. OUR child!

---The End---

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