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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 soundtrack


Good Luck Nadia - Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 - Track n░6

A.D. 1901

Nadia: Yoshino TAKAMORI
Jr. : Noriko HIDAKA

(Nadia is singing)

Nadia: La. La. La.

(a plane is flying right over her house)

Nadia: Like father, like son... I am anxious for him since he's interested in such a thing now. I don't want him to grow up like Jean.

(the noise of the plane again...)

Nadia: It's peaceful. I doesn't need to take care of him (Jr.)...King isn't there, either.

(birds are singing)

Nadia: Very peaceful. Peace is the best.

(the noise of the plane is nearer...nearer...till...)

Nadia: What? Ah!!!!!

(...the plane crashes into the house!)

CRASH !!!!
(sounds of broken windows)

Nadia: Stop! Please stop! Are you satisfied only if it breaks so often??
Jr.: All right, mama. What you're referring to as a breaking is just a problem in design. Just by solving the problem, there is a progress of science.
Nadia: It's different! These are windows!!!
Jr.: It has damped again. Is it related to an insufficient area of wings? Mama, where is papa?
Nadia: Papa is at university. Please stop doing such dangerous things. Your papa is an enough source of worries.
Jr.: All right. Papa was also flying in the sky a long time ago, wasn't he?
Nadia: Therefore, it's anxious. Papa's inventions were intended to fail from the beginning...
Jr.: All right. I succeeded papa's will. I will invent an airplane that can fly and take us to the country where mama's ancestors used to live.
Nadia: Thank you. Papa said the same thing...Taking to empty once again is.
Jr.: I am papa's child.
Nadia: Then, the power of Atlantis hasn't been borrowed...
Jr.: Atlantis?
Nadia: Oh, it's the star where I was born, as the Earth is where papa and you were born. A long time ago, your papa helped me. And we protected the Earth together. Thanks to everybody, I am living now.

(Nadia is moved)

Jr.: What's the matter, mama?
Nadia: I just remembered my childhood.
Jr.: That is right.
Nadia: But, Jr. A mama feels happy when I wash and cook, even in such a tedious day.
Jr.: Ehm...I'd like to eat meat occasionally...

---The End---

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