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Taken from Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 soundtrack

Good Luck Nadia - Bye Bye Blue Water Vol. 2 - Track n░9

A.D. 1993, Kichijoji

Nadia ITO: Noriko HIDAKA
Ritsuko: Rei SAKUMA

Nadia: It's impossible though I said that.
Ritsuko: You were crying a lot at that time. It's simple!
Nadia: Yeah! I think that my life is still positive. Positive! Consider me as a second Nadia or New Nadia from now.
Ritsuko: I see. Surely your hair grew, too. That's good.
Nadia: Uhuhu.
Ritsuko: Being a child is good, since you can be glad by his kisses.
Nadia: Yeah! I am not an adult like you.
Ritsuko: I'm envious...Envious! Because you are popular. It is difficult if it comes out.
Nadia: Is it so?
Ritsuko: Yes! Don't you have consciousness of it? There's even the freshman's fan club. Though your character isn't that good, your face is beautiful!
Nadia: What?
Ritsuko: It's true. So, it seems you'll experience a third date.
Nadia: Sorry!
Ritsuko: No. I'm praising you. It's a good thing, considering he's a honor student. When is the next date?
Nadia: It's today and Saturday, after school.
Ritsuko: Saturday is a special day. Do you need help ?
Nadia: No. I think I don't.
Ritsuko: But your Birthday is very important. And it doesn't matter if there's any secret intention under the excuse of celebrating it
Nadia: So?
Ritsuko: Anyway, you should be pretty careful with the underwear. There's a pitfall in everywhere in life, so clothes are often taken off in places you didn't expect.
Nadia: What is it, Ritsuko?
Ritsuko: The Secret!!!
Nadia: Miser!!!
Ritsuko: I'm only living completely.
Nadia: It's the view of life that was common.
Ritsuko: After all, love is the only thing sexual desire was poetically expressed for.
Nadia: And did anything happen?
Ritsuko: No.
Nadia: You can understand this feeling only if you fall in love.
Ritsuko: I shouldn't do anything that doesn't get accustomed like love.
Nadia: Yes. I only hope that time passes quickly and it comes after school. Nnext lesson is Japanese, isn't it? In this way, maiden's time passes, and severe reality meets us coldly.
Ritsuko: Philosopher!
Nadia: Foolish!
Ritsuko: Yeah!

---The End---

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