The Return of the Blue Water

By Ron Butler

 The story takes place sometime  after the second great war...not exactly WW2 as we know it today. Another world war instigated by the Neo Atlantians. They were defeated once again by a mysterious woman and crew of sailors piloting a sub-like vessel. Though their names were lost in history, no one will forget thier heroic deeds.and now two years after the war...our story begins...

The moon shone over Laharvore as the 40 year old Nadia stood over the cliff overlooking the bay. The night air was cool and she could make out the smoke form a freighter in the distance. Every once in awhile a small airplane would fly across. It would remind her of thier honeymoon where Jean had flown them around the world.

It became sort of an anniversary occasion for the two. As the night wore on, she thought of her oldest boy, Jean paul, who would be coming home form London University on spring break.  He was the spitting image of Jean...if only he would stop eating those burgers and getting into so much trouble with the ladies!! She had to pry Jenet Grandva off of him at the grade school dance and keep Clare, his current girlfriend, form trying to kill him when she found out. He's quite the playboy and a genius to boot. A rare combination these days. She wonders what new awards will he show them. What new marvels he would tell them about.

Though she seemed calm standing on the cliff, inside she was trembling with excitement. She sighed and stared at the moon for a while.  Suddenly, an odd feeling came over her. A sensation that she hasn't felt since her adventerous youth...

"It can't be......"
"What's wrong, Nadia?"
Jean stood next to his wife and stared at her while she stared at the moon puzzeled over the odd feeling that has come over her.
"I finally got Rachel and Jock to go to bed. Heh those two are so full of energy !"
"Jean..the moon...."
Jean looked at the moon  then at Nadia. a smile creeped across his face.
"Yes it is quite beautiful...but not as beautiful as you, Nadia"
Nadia was still staring at the if she was hypnotized Jean placed his hands on her shoulders.
"Jean.....the ..the..moon.."
"Nadia?....are you ok?"
"Jean....the moon....look." Her voice grew suddenly terrified as she grabbed Jean and held on to him for dear life. Jean stared at the moon then at his frightened wife.
"Nadia..whats wrong? why are you............?"
"THE MOON!!.........LOOK AT IT!!....IT'S..IT'S.........."
"HOLY?!!!!!!!!! IT CAN"T BE!!!!...IT'S....."


"Damnit!! we're too late!!"

Standing in the sea of  police form both Interpol and Laharv, the 25 year old woman stood glaring at what was left of Jean's house. Standing with her was a towering hunk of a man with an eyepatch over his left eye. He had to shoo away the media hounds from Planet Times in London because they grew.."annoying". He stared at the devastated house and then at the sky.

"Do you think 'they' took them?"
"This has 'her' name written all over it. Curse her!!"
The woman spat into the ocean then adjusted her captian's hat.
"We've traced the ray from the moon and now we know their exact location. Come, first officer. we've got work to............................."


Everyone turned in the  direction of the hysterical oldest son of Nadia and Jean as he ran towards the wreckage of his parents home. With him was Jenet Grandva ,a police officer and heir to the Grandva estate a the edge of town. Also with him was his girlfriend Clare and his bud from the college, Antonio Victorii. The woman saw him and oddly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hold, first would appear that luck has not abandoned us yet."

They walked towards the frantic college kid mildy shoving aside the police and journalist.

"What the devil happend here? where are they?!!"
"Hey kid!! this is a crime scene !!no rubbernecking!! move along!!"
"It's ok officer Arynton, they're with me." said Jenet as she and the gang walked pass the love-struck officer and to the crime scene. They examined the ruins of the house and then went to check out the cliff. All they found was an odd colored clump of grass and two footprints.

"They..they were kidnapped!!" said Jean Paul as he examined the odd colored grass. Then he looked at the destroyed home.
"Those Neo-Atlantian bastards!!"
"What makes you so sure it was them?" said Clare, trying to comfort Jean Paul who was shaking with anger.
"Who else could it have been?! The energy residue from both the house and that spot over there is identical and is otherworldly!! And..."

Jean Paul reached into his pocket and pulled out a small paper he found while seaching the house with Jenet earlier.
"..They left a note!!"
"This is definatly their doing alright" said Jenet pointing to the small Neo Atlantian symbol on the bottom of the paper."
"Don't worry, my love, we will not rest till your family is returned. I will put out a world wide man hunt and well will.."
"Ahem!!" glared Clare "What do you mean "MY LOVE?!!". He's my man not yours!!"
"Hey-a girls this -a isn't a the time to a be.."
Jenet and Clare stared each other down.
"I could have you arrested you know."
"Yeah..for assult and battery!!!"
"Knock it off you two!! said Jean Paul stepping between the two.
"Look, we're wasting time here. we know who's got them now we just need to know where they took them!!"
"Hey, Jean Paul!! What happened here? did your poppa blow himself up again?"
Jean Paul and the others turned towards the woman with the large white lioness who parted the crowd like the red sea. Jean Paul smiled.
"Aunt Marie!!!"
"I heard what happened from Sanson. He told me not to worry cause your father was always blowing himself up working on some crazy invention."

The lioness sniffed around and suddenly growled.

"What is it Empress?"
"This wasn't an accident, aunt Marie" said Jean Paul pointing towards the small patch of odd colored grass and then handing Marie the paper he found.
"The Neo-Atlantians have them."
"I don't believe it!!" said Marie as she read the paper more angry than surprized.
"I thought we saw the last of those creeps after the war!!"
"What do you suppose they want?"
"Maybe it's revenge for the many times they foiled their plans to conquer the Earth."
"Maybe so but I gotta find a way to get to them before the deadline."
"Hanson may be of help." said Marie as she handed Jean Paul back the paper.
"He might be able to make a vechicle capable of going there."
"No!! that would take too long. I've got less than two hours to get there or.."
"Perhaps I can be of assistance."

Everyone turned in the direction of the voice. Standing in a ray of sunshine was the mysterious woman and her partner. She was dressed in a dark navy blue trench coat and her white and blue  hat shone in the sun. Her dark brown hair swayed in the breeze, covering her right eye. She had a look of stone seriousness. Marie sqinted to get a good look at the woman. Then her eyes lit up in awe.

"" said the woman as she walked towards them. "Captian Juliette Nemo"







"Jean?.".......".JEAN?!! ANSWER ME !!"

A pair of green eye was scanning the darkness looking for a the pair of blue ones she has come to adore for so long..



"N...Nadia?" a weak and exhaused voice echoed in the darkness.
"Jean!! where are you? Are you ok?"
"Well you are sitting on my head and it hurts."
"Oh!! sorry."
There was a silence then the sound of moving bodies and then more silence. The pair of blue eyes could now be seen with the green ones that reflected relief from their gaze.
"Jean?.. where are we? what happened"
"I don't know. one minute we are looking at the moon, the next minute, a flash of light and now darkness."
"Jean? Are we......dead?"
"No, Nadia.. If we were dead we wouldn't be able to do anything. We are very much alive."
"Jean I'm.. I'm scared. What about our kids? Are they ok?". There was silence
"I'm sure they will be ok Nadia..If only i could make out where we are. maybe we can find a way out of here."
"This is obviously a room so there has to be a door around here or a light switch. around."
The pair of blue eyes disappeared into the darkness and the sound of banging and scratching could be heard. The pair of green eyes looked around nervously.
"Jean? Where are you?"
"This floor is made of  steel...hum.. ah!! here is a we're getting somewhere!!"

Suddenly the lights came on!!!

Jean and Nadia starred in shock at the looming figure on the other side of their prisison. Surrounding the figure was a team of Neo Alantian soldiers and doctors.
"Welcome, former princess Nadia !! It's an honor to meet you at last!!"
"Who are you?!! What do you want with us!!"
"My name is Falcra, I am the new leader of Neo Atlantis and you have nothing to fear!! It isn't you or your mate that interest me. your family is just bait for my trap!!"
In the opposite cell, the children cried and banged on the glass.
"Monster!! Let them go!! they have nothing to do with this!!" demanded Jean trying to hold back Nadia as she was hell bent on busting out and ripping Falcra's face plate off.
"Incorrect, my dear lad" said Falcra turning away from them and towards the children.
"They have everything to do with this...especially your oldest!!!"
"Jean Paul..."

Back in Le Havre, the reconstruction of Jean and Nadia's home was in earnest.

Hanson's daughter, Violet, was supervising the many colored construction robots that were sodering, welding and rebuilding the foundations and furniture of the shattered house. Jenet stood on the cliff edge with Clare. They both stared at the sky with their arms folded. The sea breeze ruffled around them. Clare stared at Jenet who seemed to be rather fuming.
"You're worried about Jean Paul, aren't you?"
Jenet turned towards Clare in angry disbelief.
"Aren't you worried about him?!! and you call yourself his girlfriend?!!! We don't even know what that creepy Captain Nemo is really doing with him up there in that ship of hers!! She could be seducing him even as we speak!! We have got to follow them some how!! What if Nemo is actually working for the Neo Atlantians?!!"
"That's absurd!!"
The two girls turned in Marie's direction. By her side, Empress laid, flicking away grasshoppers with her paw in content.
"Nemo is the sworn enemy of the Neo Atlantians!! She was the one who beat them in the Great War. If anybody can rescue Jean and Nadia and their family it's her!!"
"Well why did she have to take Jean Paul with her for?!!" retorted Jenet with her hands on her hips
"She's got a crew and a mighty war ship!! she didn't even ask for my help!! and I am the cheif of police here!! i would've been happy to send back up!! I tell you she's out to steal my Jean Paul!!!"
"Excuse me.. Your Jean Paul?!! Get real!!" said Clare glaring at Jenet.
"Knock it off you two you're acting like children!!" said Marie as Empress stood on all fours as if to enforce Marie's order for calm. The two quicky dropped all hostilites after staring at Empress.
"I'm sure Captian Nemo has a good reason for taking Jean Paul with her. We just have to wait till they all return safely and i have faith that they will. Now in the meantime lets help Violet and the others in rebuilding thier home."
With that, the trio headed towards the recostruction site. Marie looked at the sky one last time.
"Nadia...Jean...Rebecca..Jock..Jean Paul..Nemo...come back to us safely."


"First officer..status report."
"We are now out of Earth's orbit and will reach the Neo Atlantian Moon base in 17 minutes. We are running in steath mode as you requested. All weapons are armed and ready for deployment."
"Yes first officer?"
"You sure you want to go through with doing it this way? it's rather risky"
"Captian?  are you willing to risk that kid's life to achieve your goal? I know what Falcra and the Neo Atlantians can't be trusted!! look what they did to your mother Medina. Who's to say that they won't do the same to..."
Just then, Jean Paul came in. his eyes were full of amazement and wonder.
"This ship is amazing!! Never have I've seen such technological wonders!! They are light years ahead of anything we've got on earth!!"
"Jean.." Captian Nemo stood up to face him. her face was stern yet full of remorse.
"Forgive me.."
"For what?"
Suddenly a heavy blow fell across Jean Paul's back and he fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. The first officer picked him up and slung him over his broad shoulders as Captian Nemo adusted her hat, grabbed her gun form the nearby shelf and lead the way out of the chambers to the main bridge. She sat in her chair and after pressing a few buttons, a large screen appeared. The crew members saw the unconcious Jean Paul and stared at their captian in disbelief. The captian then stared at the crew with an iron cold glare.
"It was the only all have your orders. The sucess of this mission depends on precise timing. I need not remind you what would happen if we fail. Understand?"
"Yes Maam." all the crew members said in unision.
Captian Nemo turned back to the screen in front of her.
"Send the hailing signal."
"Aye Captain."


"Doctor!! Report progress!!"
"We've almost extracted all the blue water energy form our guest yet Princess Nadia seems to be resisting our dna extractors and energy syphons to a great degree."
"Heh..stubborn to the last. Just like her late father , Elisis. No matter. Time is on our side this time. Soon The Blue water will be reborn and we shall rightfully take the earth back form our defective constructs the human race!!"

Falcra stared at the large diamond like object that was slowly filling up with the energy of the Blue Water. Already the bottom half was a bright glowing blue while the top half was  transparent. The crystal was hooked up to a massive super cannon aimed at earth.
"As it happend before it will happen again." said Falcra looking at earth
"God cleansed the earth of the humans using the great flood. We shall once again open the flood gates of devine retribution upon the world and cleanse it of the "Great Error that has ruined her!! I will succed where my father Gargoyle has failed."
One of the Neo Atlantian soldiers came burting into the lab.
"Lady Falcra!! we've got a hailing signal.....form Captian Nemo!!"
"Well Well!! she's finally come to her sences and has taken the bait!! Patch her in."
A large screen appeared on the wall and Captian Nemo's stone cold serious face appeared.
"Ah, Nemo. To what do i owe the honor of your presence here?"
"Cut the bullshit Falcra!! I have Jean Paul....Where is Jason?!!"
"Oh he is in good hands i assure you. If you want to see for yourself why not come down here. I so just love family reunions don't  you?"
Falcra snapped her fingers and a large table rose from a secret panel in the floor. on it was a small boy strapped with iron bands and tubes attached to his body.
"Yes your son.. now show me Jean Paul!!"
Captian Nemo summoned Gill to lift up the body of Jean Paul and place him in front of the screen
"What happend to him?!! why is he unconcious?!!"
"He got a little crazed so we had to subdue him. He will be fine which is more than I can say for you if one hair is harmed on my son's body!!"
"You are forgetting who has the upper hand here, Nemo. Meet me in the main hallway with the Jean Paul and no tricks!! other wise i will terminate my little "operation" and the test subjects with it!!"
"Very well Falcra!! Nemo out!!". The screen turned black.
Falcra turned to the soldier.
"Place all guards in the lab!! anything that even smells odd. investigate and terminate without delay!! raise the defences!! arm all weapons!! if they see any sign of the Elisis.Blow it out of the sky!!"
"Yes Lady Falcra."
The trooper left the room leaving Falcra and the doctor alone.
"If I know Nemo like I do, I can expect a double cross!!  But two can play at this game!! Prepare the boy for transport!!"
"What of Princess Nadia and her family?"
Keep them under heavy guard untill all the Blue Water energy has been drained out of their bodies!! then kill them!!"
"Yes Lady Falcra..but I'm curious as to why you wanted her oldest son so badly?"
"Because he will be my Adam once I've cleansed the world of the falulty humans!!
Through us, the new Neo Atlantian empire shall rise and claim dominion over the earth!!"
"What if he doesn't agree to your wishes?"
"I will embed my will into his soul!! he will be my obedient slave for all eternity! He will have no say so in the matter. Now enough talk!! carry out my orders!!"
"Yes Lady Falcra."
The doctor hobbled quickly out of the room leaving Falcra to gloat in private.
"The ball is now in your court, Nemo!! But this little game is aready set and matched!!"


Thirty minutes later, Captian Nemo, first officer Gill teleported to the main hall of the Neo Atlantian  base with the still unconcious Jean Paul slumped over Gill's shoulders.
Falcra and a small army of Neo Atlantian Soldiers waited for them. they had Nemo's son, Jason in chains standing next to Falcra. The two parties were now facing each other. The atmosphere was heavy with tension.
"Well Nemo how nice to see you again A pity you wern't as cooperative before. you could've spared the lives of many... Including your mother."
Falcra looked at Gill and Jean Paul.
"Wake him!"
Gill took Jean Paul off his shoulder and pressed his neck. Jean Paul slowly opened his eyes. when he got a full view of Falcra and the Neo Atlantians he quickly jumped to his feet.
"Neo Atlantians?!! What.. What's going on here ?!! Captian?!!"
"Jean Paul...I'm.. sorry", said Captian Nemo.
"Oh don't be sorry, Nemo.." said Falcra as the troops quickly grabbed the struggling Jean Paul and handcuffed him with energy chains
"...You were doing what any mother would've done to rescue thier son. and as per our bargin Jason is free to go."
Falcra snapped her fingers and the troopers unchained Jason who immediatly ran towards Captian Nemo and Gill.
"Mommy!! Mommy!!"
Captian Nemo looked at Jason and then at Falcra.
"Well this is good bye, Nemo. this is where we part!! have a safe journey...TO HELL!!"
Falcra snapped her fingers and the floor where Nemo, Gill and Jason stood opened up and the trio fell. The floor then closed quickly behind them."
"CAPTIAN NEMO!! NOOOOO!!!" cried Jean Paul as the troopers struggled to
restrain him.
"Yes it is always so hard to say good bye to relatives isn't it." smiled Falcra evily
"You monster!! you won't get away with this!!"
"Oh but I already have, my dear!! come!! we've much to do. We must prepare for the coming of the new heaven and earth!!"
"What the hell are you talking about!!"
"The destruction of that foolish creation called humanity .what else?!"
"No!! I won't let you!!" Jean Paul struggled harder against his captures.
"Ah but your parents and younger siblings lives hang in the balance, dear!!
I'm sure they told you about the legendary Blue Water have they not?"
"The Blue Water?" Jean Paul stopped struggling.
"Yes. A gem of great power. given to the royal blood of the Atlantian empire. A gem with the power to turn it's possesor into a god. capable of destroying the world. Your mother Princess Nadia was the heir of the Atlantian Dynasty and the rightul owner of the Blue Water gem. She had the power to ressurect Atlanis and destroy the world!! She would've become a god!! But no!! she choose to reject it's power and her birthright as Princess for a pathetic human!! She used all of it's powers to resurrect him from the dead!! Who in their right mind would give up such power for the sake of one?!! She has been dumbed down form living with the humans too long."
"My mother had a good reason to give up the power!! " said Jean Paul "She loved my father more than anything in the world and no stupid gem could replace him in her heart!!"
"Oh spare me!!" The Blue water was wasted on such an imperfection!! "My father, Gargoyle tried to save the power but was reduced to salt and blown away by the winds of oblivion!! My mother told me everything. I have sworn on his grave that I would avenge his death and carry out his dream!!"
"Heh!! you're as loony as your old man!! The Blue Water was destroyed along with Red Noah!! My parents told me so!! The Blue Water no longer exist!!"
They reached the lab where Nadia and her family were still strapped down  and bombarded with tubes attached to their bodies. Jean Paul was shocked.
"Mom!! DAD!!"
The guards quickly subdued him before he could break loose.
"You see, When your mother used the Blue Water to revive your father. She transfered the energy into his dna matrix!  And when they mated and had you and the other two little brats, the energy was incoded within thier dna as well. Our scientist has found a way to extract the Blue Water energy form thier bodies and store it in that container." Falcra pointed to the now 3/4 full giant crystal. It was starting to look alot like the Blue Water gem and it was glowing brightly.
"Once the container has been filled  we will use the ancient power of Atlantis to wipe out the humans and rebuild our empire once more!!"
"You are indeed mad!!
"Oh don't say such cruel things to your wife, my love" said Falcra as she rubbed her hands on Jean Paul's chest. "It wouldn't be proper"
"MY wife?!!" said Jean trying to pull away from Falcra "What are you getting at?"
"Well isn't it obvious? You Jean Paul are the true prince of Atlantis together we will spread our empire across the globe and then the galaxy!!"
"YOU ARE INSANE!!" shouted Jean Paul "Even if I was a prince, I would never marry a psychopath like you and if you think i'm gonna let you destroy the earth by syphoning the Blue Water power from my family think again."
Falcra stepped back in anquish then smacked Jean Paul across the face.
"How DARE you refuse me!!  How Dare you refuse your destiny!! How could you Deny the power that is your birthright?!! "she grabbed one of the guard's gun and pointed it at Jean Paul. "ANSWER!!"
Jean smiled.
"I guess it runs in the family."
Jean Paul stared at Falcra.
"IF you kill me now. what have you to gain?"
"Heh!! i was well prepared for your foolish rejection. i would slay you and resurrect you from your foolish ways using Neo Atlantian science.. it works wonders!! just ask you uncle Vinusus!!!"
"Uncle ...Vinusus?......."
Falcra aimed the gun at Jean Paul.
"Farewell..My love!!"
Suddenly, the lights went out and there was confusion and panic amongst the soldiers.
When the lights came back on Jean Paul, Nadia, Jean and the kids were gone!

Falcra stood in shock and anquish!!
She radioed the main area of the fortress
In rage, she shot to death 4 of her men as she stormed out of the room. the doctor ran up to her but kept his distance.
"Lady Falcra.."
"WHAT?!!!!" roard Falcra as she aimed her gun at him.
"The Crystal is full."
Falcra smiled evily.
"Then i still have a trump card to play!! Activate the cannon!! Since they want so badly to live with those humans then they will share their fate!!  hah haah!!"
"Yes Lady Falcra."


On the U.S.S. Elisis, everyone was in the medical chamber gathering around Nadia and her family. Captian Nemo stood in the background along with Jean Paul.
"They will be alright won't they?"
"We're doing the best we can.. we gotta make sure Falcra didn't booby trap they did Jason."
"Booby trapped?"
Captian Nemo was on the verge of tears. Gill hugged her.
"Those Bastards turned her son into a biological weapon. he was set to explode and spread a virus that would cover the earth and kill everyone on it in a month. We scanned him just in time and .....well.......for the sake of all of us ......."
"i under stand." said Jean Paul looking at the sobbing Captian.
"Those sick and twisted bastards!!.."
Suddenly the helmsman appeared.
"Captian!! we've picked up a large energy pulse coming form the Neo Atlantian base!!"
"Shit!! they must've activated thier infernal weapon!! They're gonna destroy the earth!!"
"Not if I can help it!!" said Jean Paul.
Everybody looked as he started to glow.
"I always knew I had this power in me.. but i never knew how to use it ...untill now."
"The Neo Atlantians wanted to use this power to destroy innocents and deny humanity the chance to improve itself. now i will use the power they've stolen from my family to bring ruin to them."

Then Jean Paul was enveloped in a blue engergy colum.

On the moon, The Blue Water Crystal suddenly began to flux out of control. Falcra was scaning for the ELISIS on the sub space radar. when she found it . She aimed the bullseye onto the back of it.
"I HAVE YOU NOW ,NEMO!! HAHAHAHHA!! NOW DIEE!!!". She pressed the button...


Back on earth, Marie Empress, Clare and Jenet saw the small explosion on the moon.
"Do you think they got...blown up?" said Clare worriedly.
"Nope!!" said Marie as she pointed to the ELISIS coming out of subspace.
"They made it out alive. all of them."
"How do you know?" said Jenet.
Marie smiled.
"Experience girls......experience."

Behind the moon a small space ship could be seen heading away form the solar system. on it was a badly injured Falcra.
"You've won this time Nemo.. but this game of ours is far from over!! I WILL BE BACK!!"

- the end...? -

Copyright© Max 2002. All rights reserved ®

The copyright of this fan fiction is owned by Ron Butler