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Issue #7 (September 2001) of the really nice Dutch anime/manga/game/J-pop fanzine Aniway features a huge article about the series and also 2 pages about the comparison between Nadia and Atlantis, written by...coff coff...me JJ

To make this issue even more special, there's a terrific manga inspired by this comparison and, thanks to the entire staff of Aniway, I had the permission to put it online!

So, below and in the following pages, you'll finally discover who's the REAL princess of Atlantis! Oh, a short note about the special announcers of the match J: Yonina Deusami, Aniway's mascot, and -believe it or not- Gendo Ikari ! J

That's all! Enjoy J

Nadia vs Kida - The Manga (part 1/5)

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Whow, what a match! Who'll be the winner?
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