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- Part 12 -

Part 12:

Löwenbräu - Red Noah & Adamski - NeoAtlantis Vs nazism - The Algol star - Blue Water and machines - The air is lighter than water - Bacon and *his* NewAtlantis

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No, no I won't talk about King and his personal fight against Prohibition...In English, "lion's beer" (or brew, I've found different translations) doesn't mean that much... But in German, it becomes "Löwenbräu"...and what's Löwenbräu if not Marie's surname? J

[Sentence taken from the epilogue]
{Marie} He became my -- Marienne Löwenbräu's -- husband.

Just a coincidence? I don't think so...I mean, they could choose between a lot of German-like surnames, but that "lion" is suspect...also, don't forget that beer is something recurrent in Gainax works, at least according to Evangelion and all those time it appears in Misato's hands J

I don't know so much about it, just the fact it sponsors a German football team (1860 München) and that it's pretty much drunk at Oktoberfest J

(Really thanks to Matteo!)



Red Noah as an Adamski class spacecraft:

Without any doubt, George Adamski was first and the most famous "contactee", one of the people to publicly reveal his encounters and experiences relating to the UFOs, including several trips to the Moon and Venus by their spaceships...

According to the legend (...), on November 1952, in Arizona, Adamski made contact with aliens for the first time, meeting the pilot of a spaceship coming from Venus and, later, even beautiful blonde girls from outer space.

You may wonder what's the connection between Adamski and "Nadia & Reality"...

Easy! Red Noah is an Adamski class spaceship, so called because it resembles the [pretty blurred...] photos taken by Adamski himself in the '50s to a presumed alien space ship (see above)... After years of patient search, it was discovered that his space ship was in reality the top of a canister-type vacuum cleaner, made in 1937, with three light bulbs, used for incubators, sticked at the bottom of it and used as...ehm...anti-gravity propulsion system J

George Adamski

(Really thanks to Nadège & Andrei!)


NeoAtlantis Vs nazism:

Well, I guess that, getting a look to the images, it's pretty easy to imagine what this topic is about, uh?

First of all, I don't think it's just a coincidence that omake #2, "This is Neo Atlantis", is in black and white. Then, please note the long vertical clothes with the symbol of both organizations inscribed in a round, the huge grandstand with thousands of people as audience...

Then, Gargoyle recalls Hitler for a lot of things, starting from the idea of their own "race" (Atlantean and Aryan) as the purest, compared to the corrupt one of the rest of mankind, and the idea of theirselves as aspirant to the role of "rulers" of the World. Also, while Hitler aimed at the reunion of all German people under a single state, Gargoyle aimed at the reunion of the Atlantean civilization, became disunited after the destruction of Thartesos.

 Gargoyle valued Atlantean art far better and refined than "human" one and all those works of art in his base, suggest he loves it. By his side, Hitler was a mediocre artist and wished to make Berlin not only the political capital of Third Reich but even the main artistic and architectonic centre.

According to lots of books, Hitler was pretty interested on mysterious and mistic topics, searching for the lost continent of Agharti and, it seems, even the gem fallen from Lucifer's crown (according to Hitler, Lucifer was the "good angel" who was brave enough to rise up against the evil) after the fight against the arcangel Michael. Gargoyle, instead, is connected to the myth of Atlantis and the Servant Stars (satellites), used to deflect the Light of Babel, are named after Michael (Ep37) and Lucifer (Ep38).

Finally, both based their creeds on contempting of democracy and the idea of a military and hierarchical state as the most perfect kind of organization.

Also, please note how, in omake 6, NeoAtlantean soldiers raise their hands making the typical nazi salute (on the right)

(Really thanks to UFO!)


The Algol star:

There could be a connection between the surname ALGOL (Nemo, Nadia etc...Though there are different opinions about the right spelling of it) and the ALGOL star:

Algol (Beta star of Perseo costellation) is the most famous star of its category. It's 100 light years far from Earth and it's made by two stars spinning around each other. When, during the revolution, the first star passes behind the other, there's an eclipse and Algol is less bright. When, instead, both stars are side by side, their luminosity is increased at most. Algon, in Arabic, means "devil's eye" and this may suggest that its variability was well known even in ancient times, when it was probably attributed to an evil spirit.

(Really thanks to Cherry Cat!)


Blue Water and machines:

The principle according to whom some machines can be activated by luminous crystals wasn't formulated by Gainax for the first time. In fact, about in 1930, Edgar Cayce, a medium (...), wrote that Atlanteans used a kind of  "petrified rays" (= shining crystals) to activate certain machines (for example, in the series, Red Noah and the Tower of Babel). Those "rays" were also used during wars, as basic component for highly destructive weapons that based their power on the fire inner the Earth. Obviously, this recalls the Tower of Babel but even those machinical fishes in Disney's  "Atlantis - The Lost Empire", which were activated just by shining crystal (so similar to Blue Water...but that's another story... J)

(Really thanks to Nadège!)


The air is lighter than water:

Dialogue taken from episode 23:

{Nadia} We're gonna drown if we just sit here.
{Jean} All right... Let's open the hatch!
{Nadia} But if we open the hatch, the water will come in...! Even Marie and King could figure that out...!
{Jean} No, no, no. If the water comes in, that means that air is going out at the same time, right?
{Nadia} And?
{Jean} And this. Since air is lighter than water, it'll head for the surface! We'll trap the air with this umbrella, and put our heads inside! Water won't get in under the umbrella because of the air. We'll be able to breathe, and since it'll rise, that is how we'll be able to get to the surface!
Ok, you all know this, but I thought it was a right topic for this section... Jean says the truth: when you dip an empty glass in a basin of water, water can't get in because of the air. Then, if you tilt the glass, air bubbles come out, reaching the surface, and water get in the glass.


It's because the glass isn't empty as it may seem and the air inside takes as much space as the same volume of water. Then, when the glass is tilted, as Jean says, the air, which is lighter than water, goes up and water can come in at the same time.

By Max ^__^


Bacon and *his* New Atlantis:

In New Atlantis, Francis Bacon (1561-1626) outlines an ideal state, an ideal world where superior organization brings human society to a level of other words, a utopia. Released in 1627, a year after Bacon's death, it's the story of Bensalem, an imaginary city where men live according to an ethical ideal devoted to the pursuit of knowledge about the natural world and the scientific and civil organization. Bacon was the first philosopher to suggest the improvement of society through science and, for this reason, in New Atlantis, he puts the "Interpreters of Nature" at the peek of the political and scientific organization, with a duty to develop inventions using experiments, axioms and aphorism.

You can find the full text of "New Atlantis" here and good analisys of it here

So, New (or Neo) Atlantis is a term which indicates the philosophical ideal of a science-based society...artificial flowers, tectite shields, science ruling over all...this reminds me something... J

(Really thanks to Setzer!)

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