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- Part 5 -

Part 5

Red Noah robot - Gargoyle & GARfish - King on Easter Island?! -
Jean's books - 1 (mushroom)... - ... - 2 (geology) ... - Marie's book

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Red Noah robot:

Is that kind of robot inside the Red Noah just fantasy or...?

Let's see...Does all the images below remind you anything? J

Tamarro Forever -

This is an ancient Japanese statuette, found in Tokomai (North Honsku, if I'm right), where snowglasses are almost useless...

Tamarro Forever -

Above, the misterious images without mouths found by Leo Frobenius in Australia

Tamarro Forever -

Another Japanese stutue, found in Kamegaoka, with the same, strange helmet of the one above.

Tamarro Forever -

Here's the "big Martian" (note: I'm not sure if it's the right name, because I had to translate it from Italian so I don't know if it's called in the same way in English), found by Henri Lothe in 1958. It's six metres tall!

Thanks to Erik!



There could be more than the obviuous pun:


In fact, the Webster dictionary indicates that the word "garfish" refers to "gar". "Gar" is a "typical North American fresh water fish with a tapered body and big teeth (see below). As suggested by Erik maybe they played on the double-reading of the word.



Gargoyle...You know, this word usually refers to stone spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure for carrying rain-water away from the roof of a church etc. Anyway, the word "gargoylism" refers to a kind of malformation and, to be exact, it's derived from a word that means something like "big mask" and from a French word gargoule 'throat'.

So Gargoyle = mask! Funny, isn't it?

Thanks to Erik!


King on Easter Island?!

Tamarro Forever - Isn't this cool? Before finding this image, taken from an omake, I was almost sure the idol on the Lincoln Island was Gargoyle! Ok, there's lot of Gargoyle on it, but I never thought to "moai", those strange and mysterious huge statues/idols on Easter Island!

At this point, it's obvious that NeoAtlantis masks are inspired by Moai.

But, as I wrote above, that doesn't mean King's idol isn't Gargoyle-related. In fact, if it doesn't figure him, at least in part, there wouldn't be any explaination about King's kind of "dance", typical of Japanese tradition, used to drive out the evil spirit (Gargoyle), judged guilty for the drought on the island. This also explain why King is so happy when it starts raining J

Thanks to Eymerich !


Jean's book 1: mushrooms

Eh eh, this is great JJ In "Nadia", even books hides secrets! ...well, secrets, ok, but full of mistakes, at least in this case.J

Let's see...Watching the episode "First Kiss", I noticed that Jean's book about mushrooms (part of Neno's encyclopedia), read inside the cave while searching for medical herbs to heal Nadia's illness, seemed written in Japanese. Well, first of all, I've lot of doubts Atlanteans (the authors of the encyclopedia, I guess J) knew Japanese or, at least, wrote their manuals in a foreign languages but...ehm...anyway, let's stop here, I'm straying from the point J Thanks to a very very kind Japanese friend, below you'll find a clear traduction of those two pages shown on that episode. Anyway, please note that seems they weren't written by a Japanese mother tongue speaker, since there are plenty of mistakes. According to my friend, the author just knew Japanese a little because, for example, there are no "C, L" in Japanese consonants, it was wrongly written with capitals and "i" and "e" were mixed up.

There are 6 kinds of mushrooms in the book, but there are only 2 or 3 explanations and rest of writings are about Japanese summer, eh eh eh.JJJ

Really really thanks to Maki !!!

Tamarro Forever - The first description on the left page is hard to get. There are just a few understandable words and just "Beef, Hawaii, Guam" have a meaning.
The second mushroom (left page):
"it looks that it's named "Family-mush",
"There are some blue spots on it"
"You could eat it, but you'd better boil it, then."
Tamarro Forever -
Tamarro Forever - The third one (left page)
"It looks that it's named "Umbrella mushroom".
"It is too dirty to eat and it tastes bad."
Righ page, first description: it isn't easy to understand...
The only comprehensible part is: "It is seen the most..." and maybe, "red-hot".
Tamarro Forever -
Tamarro Forever - The second one on the right page:
"Oh, Again, it makes me down..."
"It rains silently in June" J
The last one:
"Midsummer is coming soon." J
The rest does not make sense.
Tamarro Forever -


Jean's book 2: geology

Tamarro Forever - In episode 12, you can read a few sentences written on the left page of that book read by Jean while lunching. Here's a transcription of readable parts:

"...areas of the less saturated vadose zone
circulate in caves as they are forming,
gradually enlarged, he washed.
But only in the next stage, when the land
...ed and deeper valleys, does the ceilings,
drops?. My companion indicates
eat hems. This is the inclusive..."

N.B. "Vadose" it's a geological technical word and means: "water of meteoric origin flowing on the subsoil"

Obviously, this is a book of geology.

Thanks to Erik!


Marie's book

Did you ever noticed that word written overturned and in capital letters on Marie's book, in episode 34?


Oh, it's not necessary to turn your head to read it! J I set it as a roll-over, so just move your mouse on JJJ

"GATTEN"...What's that?

I'm pretty sure to know that...If I'm not making a HUGE blunder, "Gatten" (Tameshi Gatten) is a NHK program (what a coincidence! ...if you haven't still understood, get a look to Nadia credits, at the bottom of this page) and, to be exact, it's produced by NHK's science division. Even if it looks like 90% of all Japanese television programs, it's a mix between a quiz show and fun science like lots old American shows in the 1960s. During a 45 minutes broadcasting, they discuss about lots of curious topics, such as why genmai gives you more stamina than white rice, the causes of summer air conditioner chills and how to avoid them and so on.

Maybe it's a Nadia/Gainax tribute to NHK, who knows? J

Thanks to Erik for this short description of the show, summary of a huge article you can find here

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